Wednesday, January 1, 2014


So another year and another amazing riding season with great people. The HighNoon scramble was particularly good this year and we here are FilthMode would love to thank all the people who came out and hope you had as good a time as we did.
The girls grilled up all kinds of meats and looked amazing doing it, we couldn't do this even without their support!

Lil ty up and over the hump as part of team Sand Witch

we had a great turn out of both crowd and racers this year, Tons of support and good times

Darren was racing in his underwear this year and turned bright red from cooking along so the mono shock division

Some of the hommies from alec's automotive came and were looking real fast....maybe too fast. wheelie goes bad as it passes 12 o'clock. Lil too much "hotdogging" 

Chris killing it as always up over the hump

NOOOOOOOORM just dressed same as usual

Mitch-hootie teenwolf and finishline Linda keeping track of the details

Sam got chewed up pretty good this year by the brambles and a poss couple broken ribs but still finished strong

paddle tire super T

Myk Roc rode his beauty ol flattracker and did the hillclimbs and held down his end of the bargain....So we gave him the MVP trophy 

Darren won the Mono shock usual

T-Dunny for the win in the Twin shock division with an impressive showing

thanks again to everyone and have a great 2014