Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Another Baby!

Congrats to Andrew and Elizabeth, they just had a little baby boy, don't know the name as of yet or weight stats, but they will be posted! Good Times! !!..I really need a photo!
I don't know what this tank has to do with a baby, but it's cool. Stole it from some where.TL

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


We all check the same blogs, sites, etc. My point is..when your a poser you just know you are, you have a poser voice inside of you that says, you be posin right now! And then your brain says it's cool, no one knows. Well you poser fucks, we know! I don't like posers, i like real boys and girls!
My beard in the wind, a tear behind my shades. A wet V on my mind........always! TL.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Cell phone up for grabs, as well some sort of BBQ/smoker contraption. I think Ashley was in mid heckle. Skadget swap was fun, some nice bikes and some cool old tools and small things. He passed on the cell phone. TL

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

dirt rock biker show tomorrow

tomorrow night at waldorf hotel, V.cycles and carpentor rock out after a 8pm screening of "any given Sunday. Bring a dirtbike, a doob and a flask. If i knew how to scan or post a photo..............hope they play the hockey game in unison. Jessman is rallying the club for a sunday overnight shack location search. am/wd


I fucking love swap meets, fuck you ebay, yes fuck you! Swappen is where it's at! Meeting all these old crusty bikers, hearing great story's, and buying parts from real people. Getting to hold the part you are about to buy, hearing the story behind it and getting it for a fair price. Me and Ashley drove down to Skadget on Sat, sailed through the boarder and walked around in a muddy field looking at motorcycle shit for a few hours. Ashley was excited to talk to this old guy for about an hour, about old Ford 12 spoke cast 15inch rims. This guy new his shit, and his hole deal was wheels, his life was wheels, depressing and really cool at the same time. I scored an old suitcase with sturgis stickers on it from the 70's that looked like it had fallen of the back of every bike it had traveled on.
The Vancouver swap was great. In proper swap form, we all met at Duffins in the morning and then hit the road. Always good to see all of the crew at swap time...i only took a few photos. TL
Ashley was in top form, and we saw the NFMC crew..they were heading to super cross in Seattle
RIP- Main st. Duffins...
Virago took best in show.
This guy was so great, he told us how he would stop and cut up road kill and eat it. But when the fire ban was going on. He would have to drive really long distances with chunks of meat on his bike because of the fire ban. He said sometime he would have to drive so far the meat would go bad chilling on his bike. I thought i was a cool biker...this dude stops when he sees a nice road kill, cuts a nice chunk of meat off that puppy and that's supper. I just stop for gas, or to go swimming, or to eat at a restaurant.....sometime i stop if i see a crazy dead animal to take a photo, but never to chow. TL

Monday, April 18, 2011

Everybody's Workin' for the Weekend

Baby jesus died and the Easter Rabbit crawled out from beneath his stony cave like tomb to give us this wicked awesome long weekend!
Some of my plans include:
- Pull the baby out of Alex, head first and
- Pull the cylinder off the DT, head first

I hope everyone is workin' as hard as this guy! Note the fantastic homage to dead jesus celebrations.

PS: how'd the "Swappin in Tsawwassen" go yesterday for all?


Friday, April 15, 2011

Washington Swap tomorrow~

A few dudes went to this last year, they said it was pretty good. Check it out if you have a chance. And don't forget Twassen this Sunday!

Mini flyer

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Cruch~

It has been on the to-do list forever, still is, fix my busted ass kick stand. My kickstand has been bending for the last 3 years. I'm a pretty small dude, so the more it bends, the better it is for getting a good kick on my kick starter. It has now reached the point of no return, it can barely hold my bike up and i need to fix it. Without endurance you will never win at enduro, so my kickstand will soon begin year 4. TL

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Ready for the new shop! Or are we?

Apparently we secured 3000 square feet in the east side, but the the question is, ARE WE READY TO MAKE THE MOVE?  We have shit stuffed in every god damned place that is humanly possible.  It's also hard to see our stuff go somewhere else, just have a look what we have stuffed into Wolf Dick's Garage.  Let's play a game like Where's Waldo?  Where is the 60 weight? Where is the Cone Shovel?  Where is the mint 76 XT tank?  Where is the Buddy Seat?  Where is the 8 Over Wide Glide Front End?  Where is the Clarke Dessert Tank?  Oh and check my Gen Shovel on its way to being road worthy!  NO COPS and NO DICK MOVES (rule # 1)

Friday, April 8, 2011


I love Halloween, i always say I'm going to do this and that and make the biggest costume ever and throw the best party and bla bla. I still wait last minute every year....except a few. I have always really liked Mike Giant's tattoo work, as well as his graffiti. So for a few years in a row i would use his book for reference and copy one of his skulls for my house. For this year i believe it was 2008, i went with the HOUSE of DEATH theme. Ashley made i flip top coffin in the front yard, Beau was this crazy elf running around the roof, Darcy was this realistic tree costume, with leaves and bark and twigs all over his body, he was really scary. We had witches and ghouls and scared kids. It's so rad when you see a parent ushering her little super man towards our front door, only to see Ashley come out of the ground and latch onto the parents leg. As super man turns and spots his parent screaming in horror, the tears were just non stop. As super man starts to cry in fear and the parent says "wow, ok that's enough guys" and non of us break character. If you made it to the door, you were rewarded, if you didn't NO TREAT FOR YOU!  ~tl~

city support !

How nice is this.
Thought id get a roof rack and trailer......

Thursday, April 7, 2011


It is funny how excited you get when a new project comes around. You cobble parts together, nothing matches, and you balance them all over your frame, each part precariously balance with care. Then you step back and squint and try to get some ideas flowing. Yesterday i was thinking about how i built my triumph and told myself for the next project i get into, forget all the chrome and sparkle shit.
Building a bike is supposed to be fun, and when you get into trying to make every part perfect or every bracket chrome, i think it starts to loose it's appeal. Building a bike takes forever, some people seem to be able to just bang out a built and go, and i am not one of those people. I hate working on the same bike forever, it's so hard to keep up a level of enthusiasm that makes you want to get your ass down to your shop and work on that bike. I struggle with this because i am a anal dude and i really like detailed work. I think with a bike build this personality trait can get in the way of you just saying " fuck it, that looks good...just weld it on." I feel sometimes it makes it very difficult to make a decision and keep that momentum going with getting your bike built. It sounds cliche but building a bike is really hard. Not technically but more pertaining to keeping momentum as you work on a project for such a long period of time. So for my next project, I'm not taking a pile of parts to the chromer's. I am going to go with the flow. Keeping in mind that the goal is to ride this bike, not drive to my shop for 2 years and work on it inside. I need the wind in my beard and a warm clam pressed into my back....easy style...TL

First cock up of my Triumph, a few years ago~

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I made some forward controlls for my triumph last week. I made them come straight out from my front motor mounts. I had welded these up last year just to get me by, and get my bike on the road, but i could slowly feel them bending. I was heel shifting and after a day of riding in the city my heel would be killing me. I used some old harley linkage that i had found at a swap, my old motor mounts, and welded some twisted stock onto them and added some triangulation on the top side of the pegs, so it would be harder to bend my motor mount. I made a fresh bung on the lathe, so that the old bushing in the linkage i had would fit nice and snug. I welded that peice to an old peice of chrome scrap, and my forwards were coming together. I took an old shift lever and ground it down so it slid right into the chrome housing that held the bushing. Ground the chrome back and welded it all up.
I made a list today of things i still need to do to my bike, it's funy how when you start riding a bike you just forget about all the shit that makes your bike safe. Next on the list is hook up my front brake, mount my seat, head steady mounts, fuck.......i could go on all day. Will post a flick when i get these back from chrome, should be this week. TL.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Here are a few flicks from the season opener this Sunday. The rain held off till the end of the day, and few people rolled out. Mark rolled his pan, Norm brought the sweet stock RD, Keddie finished up his Yellow MX dirt bike, Ashley brought his shovel, Jeff had his new shovel, with a fresh paint job by Chris and a new king and queen seat. I rolled my triumph, rolled not..rode my triumph, Curtis finished up my seat, and Myke Rock brought my tank and i went from zero to hero and won best in show and walked away with a Rouge shirt and a sweet flask with a  hand leather tooled cover done by Rob of NFMC. Andrew won most wobbly XT, Ashley won biggest oil leak! Lots of XT'S as well, lots of free food, beer and crazy looking dogs. Thanks NFMC & ROUGE!