Wednesday, June 27, 2012

KVR from Hope to Castlegar

click on map to see larger version

THIS LOOKS AMAZING! Lets do it this summer


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bone calling all riders for trip to Ashcroft


lets all make a trip to the holy land! Weather looks HOT! YYAAAA DUDES!

holler attcha  bone!

------IT'S ALIVE------

Got the SC up and running, it was music to my ears! 12 days till the show and lots of pressure off, now that my machine has started. A few small things to finish as always but the big stuff is out of the way!

wired and fired!! Stoked!! T

Monday, June 18, 2012

The -OG- Shit Cloud Rider

This was her in all her glory. A purchase off of craigs list 2 years ago, she had been sitting sence 06. The best part of this blue bomber was the seat, it's hanging over my bench. Oil bag mounted top side, the huge box, held the rats nest of wires, coils, batt, and had tons of sawdust in it? The carbs were destroyed, fuel had eaten through both float bowls, and the fuel lines were hardened beyond all power of hard? Getting them off was nor fun or easy, also looking at this frame made me want to shit! The seat fucking ruled!
The new SC Rider looks nothing like this ugly duckling, same gene pool, but different babys daddy!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

new filth mode HQ

mitchie passed out and snug as a bug

this is bone checking out the inside

thomas checked out the plumbing and this awkward outhouse 

We then ran it through a mock attack and it didn't seem effected  
we are looking at possible compound or ranch. its location....between the coast and squamish


Sunday, June 10, 2012

-Soiled Panties-

Not sure how many people look at this blog of ours. Reading our shitty spelling, horrific grammer and run on sentences. I want you all to know, I don't always try my best on the spelling tip. I'm going to blame this on my out of date brouser. My computer has been giving me warnings for years to up date brousers and up load all this shit. Well my brouser is about 7 years old and It seems not to have a spell check function. So it hampers my creative writing skills and dumbs me down, thus I tend to olny spell words that I am comfortable with, and even then I still write in fear!
This was just on my mind, I did not roll this weekend, got my paint back from Mr. Myk and he did a killer job! Will post a pic or two, but don't want to give her away before the show. Front end is on, swing arm and rear hoop is on as well. Super Stoked, Super Stoked!!
Random: Love this Knuck! East Bay Dragons book.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

downward dog into cobra boner

Got my primary back together, trans is back together as well. Building a bike, just rapes your pocket book, destroys it! You know when you go and look at a bike to buy because you think it's a good deal, and when your giving it a once over you are like, "no big deal, just needs carbs, new primary chain, new tires". Well all that shit is going to coast you more then you paid for the entire shit box, and on top of that, once you get into it, it needs new everything. Fuck me
Here are a few stats, starting at the parts: sludge trap, conn rod bearings, polished crank, .40 over piston & rings, jugs borred, cam re ground, main bearing in bottom end, tappets, push rods, glass bead head, valve x4, valve guidesx4, 3 ang valve grind, valve springs and collars, primary chain, stator, barnett clutch, clutch shock rubbers, kicker return plate & spring, magneto. I could keep going but Im not going to bore you to death.
My carbs are fucked, miss matched jets, and years of gas. The gas ate right through the float bows of both carbs, noticed this after they were polished of corse! I have faith this motor run...on that note Born Free is coming fast and I have a motor on my bench and some wheels some where in the corner. I started preping my front end yesterday, and mode some progress. Myk sent me some pics of my tank and frame and I'm super excited to see it. On that note, trying not to stress out, but am stressing the fuck out!!!!!!!!!!

If I was a dog, I would be a Carren terrier? Something with very wire like hair...TL

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


This mission will be lead by non other than Thomas "you are an idiot" Martin. we will be filming some scenes for his up coming reality TV show and following him on a trip that has about 15% chance of success. Lets follow this man into oblivion! leaving saturday morning june 9! Bring a map, a chainsaw and a boat.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Buncha stuff from tha last month

i while ago at the dunes i was trying to jump this, i went way too fast and ended up landing on the last 4 feet of transition. turns out i totally cracked my frame and finally on a trip to sloquet hotsprings it broke right open and oil leaked everywhere. this is pottie crashing on the same dune dude.
had to swap frames the night before a ride and tory helped til 2 am

visiting some friends who are living in a cabin in squamish

many chill outs and dusty dudes


this weekend we went up harrison lake to try and soak in the clear creek hotsprings. This was my friend Drews first trip

about half hour from the springs an avalanche had totally covered the road and made it impassible 

the way home was much muddier 


F U- 4 SPEED, mojo time

These 4 speed trannys on the 500's,  can be tricky. The slector forks are different lengths, but only by 1/8 or so, and it's tough to find specific instructions in the manual for his. I cranked down my gear box cover and my sprocket would seize up. Don't know... I think having the selector forks swaped, was the ticket. I was not getting a full range on my selector plate, thus when I cranked her down, the selector plate was binding up and putting some pressure on my main shaft, hence the seize. Mitch hootie and my self got down to business, and addressed this problem, problem solved, and my tranny is back in a buttoned up! Me and Goth put the mag on, and me and Hootie timed her the other night. I had never used that crank pin (tdc) tool, handy tool. My crank had the hole for 38 deg before tdc, and the tdc hole as well. The technique for timing the motor was very complex, Mitch Hootie put a rag onto his head soaked in brake clean and red lock tight, then started adjusting the points gap using only his mind. Never seen anything like it, it's an older technique that was not in any manual.
Myk has my tank,front loop, rear section, and oil bag, looking forward to the finished product. SC RIDER...