Monday, July 25, 2011

random roundup

shit got did


no huntins

the old ranger station




Heading up twards Yuba City, rolling past Sacramento on the I 80, raining so hard...Ash upside down cross, road side piss in Santa Cruz, kicking my bike over about 40 miles from Portland. Monday......

Friday, July 22, 2011

TJ, pan of mystery.

This is TJ, we all trucked down to BF3 together.  The road to freedom is on the horizon for this dream.

 His awesome chopper pandeaded, cause a nonHD cyclotronic bullshittered.  Fucking diode: hours wasted on fucking solid state devices. The future is fuct..... Earth right through that garborator. Oh well, we learned lots. Thanks to Dean W for phone support. Mitchi

 ps. Only white jeans on that virgin seat.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Big Mike from MTL

Mike is a life long friend of mine from back east, he reads our blog and sent me a shot of him and his crossbones from Laconia Bike Week this year.

Thanks Mike


I need a new camera, mine sucks! TJ thanks for the flicks. TL

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I saw this bike last year at Born Free, it had a BC plate and i had no idea who's bike it was. I thought it looked alot like my triumph, same cream color tank and frame, king and queen, girder. The bike was fucking amazing. Found out later that the guy who built this sweet machine, is named Tyler and is bro's with all the Heathen guys. I couldn't find a photo of his entire bike, but you get the idea with these 2 photos, Myk did the paint. Tyler your bike destroys.....Tyler.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


I was looking at old photos on my computer and came across this photo of my Triumph. Me and Will were working on these pipes for about a week or more. We used all these old shitty pipes from various machines, all were covered in old chrome, and had vast amounts of rust inside. Every time i ride my bike now, where the mufflers meet the pipes. When my motor warms up, my pipes start to sweat rust water. Some of the pipes we used were old double walled honda pipes, and the amount of water trapped in those bad boys is insane. I have been riding my bike all summer and when my pipes get hot, they sweat this really nice brown rust water all over me my rear wheel and my seat. It's turning my white rabbit fur brown. Next time I'm buying one of those pipe kits, so i don't go out and spend a shit load on chrome and watch my pipes piss brown water on me. TL

Friday, July 15, 2011


I have been working on that triumph 500 motor of mine i posted a few months ago. The motor has been sitting on my bench so long, i decided to try to get the jugs on, the head, and the rockers. The cylinder head got borred out to .40 thou, with new pistons and rings to match, the cam lobes got re-surfaced, new valves and valve guides installed and the head got bead blasted. Crank buffed up, sludge trap cleaned, etc

This guy Marty got in touch with me last year from the JJ, asked me to lace up some triumph wheels for him. The 18 rear is almost finished, the front is in the works....sorry it's taking so long Marty!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

hotsprings trip

pay up mother fuckers!

this is the sight of the 2nd largest landslide in canadian history.....i think. looked like it had an atomic bomb dropped on it. 

on the up side it made for a great burnout spot!

ride chief

pottie dropping truth

"Check out my pumice pit" sung to the tune of wutang's gravel pit

close to the summer snowline


bone thugs and peace

check the maps and trip our balls

shit got did

curt trying to find a shortcut 


KVR2 (part 1)

meet up running late as usual but ended up rolling 8 deep
Brock just got an XT and this was his first dirt roll on it. he was so stoked he jumped the fire

we had a huge fire

pots and pans on his steed Nelson

tripple dude!

dudes riding round on dirt two up

curt did donuts around the fire and stepped right on the fire at one point

and totally wiped out

we found red hot barbedwire in the fire and it seemed like a good idea at the time to burn eachother with it.

thomas was first of course....shit was red hot!

Thomas kept begging that we not brand his nipple

the scorpion

revenge is soooo sweet

it was so dusty and LT was leaking heavy

Brock got the craziest burn by far but was a trooper. the barbed wire got stuck on his are and he calmly asked "get it off"

these trail are amazing and the country side is beautiful

dirt first

Thomas crashed and fucked up his knee. what would a trip be without thomas getting hurt

20 dollar burger, if you eat it all you get it free!

Didnt even come close

breakdown number 4

tire changing session. LT's bike is balanced on a stick and the kickstand.
in the end we rode 1088km, had 5 breakdowns,6 hours of sleep and 1 amazing time