Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stood up at prom.

Got home from Born Free, took an extra couple of days off this week to make it nearly three weeks summer holidays for me. What a total blast for a workhorse. Stayed up late getting ready for a roll with another club only find out on the day of that it was an "exclusive" roll.
 I took the Ram Ron out for a "loaded" shakedown to Horseshoe bay for some fish and chips, couple of pints, shed a tear and hammered home on the Low road.
Unloaded, got loaded and ripped the "Trouble"heads off of Potts genshovel. We spent the night talking about how cool it would be to deck his garbage truck out like a COP bike, with foot activated siren, vintage flashing glass, and way cool paint and gold leafing. Elvis Prestly had a shovelhead and loved to impersonate the memphis police in full kit and matching car supplied by local M.P.D.......Pottie for local Sherriff.

 Ram Ron is ready for world destruction..Mitchi WD.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Super champion of the british world

We all knew Tyler was super wild and his mind melter chopper was one in a million, now it is official.
"BEST british" bike in the show. picked by triumph guru Wes from four aces.
 Born Free trip was picture perfect.
We came down the 101 redwoods to the #1 coast to L.A., airstream behind Potties new Dodge Ram highway destroyer, and the yamahauler.
Tyler, T.J., Lisa , Sarah and Ashley. Sandra and Tomas showed up a little late but in time for last roll in the canyon.
Too many cool bikes at the show to talk about, Pans and knuckles as far as the eye could see. Great time had by all.............mitchi

Monday, June 13, 2011

ok....who hid my T

the text with this photo said,
"hey jbone where's your bike?"
my wheel lock hardly slows em down
once they hid it inside the bar
the bartender thought there was a
"gas leak"
guess my bike leaks and stinks


double dudes

two up on another dudes bike
fast lap through the dtes between periods
two of the coffin club


Calling all members to roll to this.
Clear your schedule 


roll up furry creek above Britannia

we found a deck on the side of a mountain

this dude was stoked we roll old bikes. he told us where to go to see the old mine 

i almost rode down this river and crashed.....ended up sitting on my dick, it hurt

if you look close there is the upside cross in the coffin with F M letters.

carving it up

we found this table and got my bike up on er



Mitchey on his way to born free

Good Luck, hope the canoe holds up!!!

The Jig/Gig is up!

 Bone Pre Roll, Dessert Tank is killing it, no more leaks.
HD's VS T's Round 1

FINE day for a ride to Horseshoe Bay 

Fun ride

Sunday, June 12, 2011

T bliss..

XT wheel true/ new wheel bearings, way better. I got that wheel truing stand at the swap 2 years ago, best thing i bought in a while.
Cute little inverted cross, on my tail pipe. Fab work: Trevor D.
TJ, has been working on his Pan/Shovel for born free, me and him are heading down on the 16th, should be a party!

This dude just rolled up on a T, busted this burner, grabbed his balls and got the fuck out. We still be spray'in. TL

Monday, June 6, 2011

on any squamish sunday


 bone log jumpin

LT killing it!

JBone wheelies

we went to levit lake and i caught a 10 inch rainbow trout

pose hard in a ghost town

possse up

Saturday, June 4, 2011

if it's in T-Unit you'll have to Tun(e)it

Will came by and paid our rent for a bunch of months.

he bought a TT with a duct tape seat

Bone is now the gaurdian of this amazing desert hungry....i wish it was a dessert tank

Big Pottie in his new carhartt hat the Wench got him

this is how we mount mufflers...attatch em to plastic and let em melt their way to mounted.

ps....the club got a new official member......more info to come