Monday, January 31, 2011

For the record

From last nights annual general meeting

 you shoulda seen this lobster take the meeting minutes in Mat's notebook. After translation it would appear that ole pinchy's notes read more like a last will and testament?

Andrew's pan project - I'll let him describe.

Also, congrats Chris to the new member designation. I cant wait to see you kick over Jessmans XT barefoot!



Andrews bike, all packed up and ready to roll. Jerry, spray paint, sleeping bag,  fly rod.
I'm looking forward to summer, in a big way. Good meeting last night, Ashley brought the lobster, and Chris benched Andrews pan motor over his head, got the bike down the stairs and everyone got a turn to yell at max volume. I would say it went well.


Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jump on babe

When you have a lady on the back of your bike, it just feels right. You give your bike some throttle and feel those hands reach around you and give you a squeeze. It's like.........yep hold on baby.


Friday, January 28, 2011


Meeting at Matts house if you can make it, 7pm Sunday. Bring your own brews and snack. Ashley wanted to get together and talk about some rides for the summer. Also Andrew is moving out of his room at Matts place, so it would be nice if we could all grab a few boxes and help him out. Help get  his pan down the stairs....ha. See you Sunday!

Here is a few more photos of Curtis working on my seat. It's getting closer, im really looking forward to riding it down the street, and having a nice warm puss pressed into the back of my neck. xo T.L.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Glass thy chop

Curtis got into the glass work the night before, did a great job!
Curtis cutting out the pan...
Foam first layer...
Turkey carve time.....
Foam is glued, and sanding begins...
Curtis after day 3....more to come..thanks Curtis! T.L.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Will's Art Corner

I bought the air brush, and Will went to work on his van. I looked great, but before the paint had time to set, it rained.  ~summer on the way soon~ T.L.

Monday, January 24, 2011

King my Queen

Curtis started on my seat last week and it's going to be WILD! All you dudes are going to want to land your ass in that queen position. Im off to chill with Curtis tomorrow for another work session.
All i did today was clean my motor im working on, pressed out all the bearings in the cases and trans. Also got into my pile of amal carbs, that was fun... dropping a ton of stuff at the polishers this week.

Got a amal 626 carb rebuild kit for these, looks like im going to need them.

Polish time- rockers, carbs, cases, primary, bla bla...this is the before....
Did the sludge trap, crank polished...that was my day...T.L.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ram ron returns

I got my shovel head back today with stories of new years adventures. Willionare had managed to not only start the old horse up but take er out to sooke to check Keagan and back. He added oil from the saddles, and used the sportster reserve gas trick and had to push it up hill anyways. Thousands of kicks and gallons of oil it's back. The new highway tank looks sweet. If I had a digicam or could figure the scanner deal out I would post a picture. Trust me the big gme tank painted by Myk looks fucking killer, but I threw the dirty old cocaine sportster back on. That chopper is nasty and filthy as ever. A.M. aka W.D.


When im sippin on my brew dog i get swayzee, 2 deee's x4 tee's! Summer roll!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Triumph T100R

I thought i would post a little motor work. I did this Triumph T100R, 1969 motor last year, and it was a blast. I threw a good chunk of cash at it, due to the fact it was missing so many little parts and it had not ran for some time. I thought of posting these photos today, because i just started in on another Triumph motor the other day. It's a 1970 T100C, pretty much the same motor as above. I had so many spare parts from my T100R motor, i wanted to do another one just to stay in the groove.
Wanted to say, that if you are doing a Triumph anything in the near future you need to get in touch with Al, at British Isle Cycles in Duncan B.C. Solid guy! He was a huge help and had most parts i needed in stock. He also would ship me parts via gray hound and would save me a ton on shipping, as well it's great to support business in B.C. I also went to British Italian, in Vancouver a good amount. They are not cheep, but i would roll in with my part numbers and they did have lots of small parts i needed in stock as well. They aint chatty but if you know your shit, they are cool enough.

Pulled the rockers off and the push rods had jumped, and scored some nice gouges in the boxes, pushrods replaced. The valves and guides were shot, as well as the valve springs...replaced. New seals and bushings for rocker spindals. Next came the barrels, they had been hanging around rusting with a .40 thou over boar. The rust had penetrated the cylinder side wall and was to deep to be honed, so the jugs got bored out to the next size up .60 thou. Had to get a new set of Hepolite piston and rings as well.Tappet blocks were woren out, as well as the lifters were pitted from cam lobes. Then went at the timing pinion gears, some of the left hand threads were hooped, those were tough to get off. Had to buy some specific tools. Then spun her around and started in on the primary, the primary chain had a few small chunks missing from some of the links, like it was about to snap! Had to replace the clutch friction plates, as well as the clutch center absorbers..had to make another tool for that one. Drive sprocket was shot, as well as the startor had been roughed up, and a few of the key ways were getting sloppy.
Then the rubber mallet came out and the cases got split, bearing replaced in the bottom end, as well as a few seals. Did the sludge trap, and replaced the bolt that holds your sludge trap in, with a hex bolt, way easier to extract for the next sludge trap cleaning. Before i replaced the bearings, i took most of my motor stuff to Chis, at Buff-it metal polishing in Poco. He did a great job and got my stuff back to me fast.
The tranny was a real bitch, my third gear was missing a few paws on it, they had been snapped off and floated around in my trans? My kick start paw, was mashed to hell from years of kicking, as well as my kickstart return spring, and return plate....replace all of these if you plan of riding your bike hard and kicking hard on that kickstart! Also replaced the needle bearing at the back of my trans, that holds your lay shaft in place. And replace your thrust washer, another important! I put my tranny in and out about 5 to 7 times, and i was getting so dam mad. It was because when you load your kickstart return spring and plate, with tension. Then you have to slide all the guts of your tranny into it's home. And when you go to put the trans cover on, it would put just enough pressure on that return plate, to throw the spring and have it so your kicker arm does not return to a upper position.
Any how my bike is on the road now and the motor above is in a running bike, and that feling is fucking amazing. When you build your bike from the ground up, wheels, frame fab, motor, and when it starts and you fucking roll it....that shit will blow your mind.

Will post the new motor im doing in a few, have a few bits to share. T.L.


yamaha xt250 on a police chase in Hope BC


Monday, January 17, 2011

Face Bubb

Before it starts to rain im thinking to myself, shit it's about to piss. Then you keep rolling and it hits you, at first a few drops, then the mother load. You start taking those turns a little more up right and wait to see what part of your body is going to feel your clothing soak through and stick to you. And then you look down and see a massive puddle of rain water collecting in your crotch, right where your jacket bunches up and touches your tank. On this ride, i remember my boots soaked right through and by balls floating in a cold broth of Nelson rain water. But that happy rain bubble face shield, turned all the days on that trip into fun in the sun. T.L.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

March Camp

Punk Matt, takes a drag of his smoke fire side in Squamish last March. We woke up in the morning and Matt and Curt were curled up next to the fire with all the warm rocks placed all around them. The ride that morning, back into Squamish was beyond cold. T.L.

Friday, January 14, 2011

~T on T~

My T always get me home, my T always get me going, my T is one special lady. Leave the key in my T, do not adjust my brake. Drunken camp fire rime, from way back in 2010.

T.L. Harrison loop.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Curtis Raffino or Swolen paw?

Curtis is all about the leather, he works as a master of the beast in Langley. His hands could crush a baby's skull, or cradle the softest kitten. He has made seats for the most horrible looking choppers i have ever see and made some really nice stuff for people in the club. He sticks it to the man on the daily! Curtis i am bringing you my triumph next week, get ready!We will get some photos up of seats that Curt has done, he does do great work. T.L.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Rancho Relaxo the sequel!

Trev kicking up his feet, waiting for a boat on the way back from Ty's epic stag on the coast trip out fest 2010-JC

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Monday, January 10, 2011

In the Streets

Beaoder and i peeped this cute little BSA in Gastown a whiles back.
Nice whip.


Friday, January 7, 2011

Bear Face

In real life Will is a good looking guy. In this photo he looks like one of those french Canadian squigge kids that you see on comercial drive, or maby terminal and main, under the skytrain station. Always trying to clean your window in the rain. This photo was from another up and over ride, everyone ran out of gas, but sence i ride like a pussy i saved my gas and got to roll by you dudes as you passed me your jerry cans to fill up. T.L.

Mr. Bones

I have always liked Billys honda. He knows his bike like the back of his hand. Billy if you read our shitty blog, wanted to say hats off to you and your machine. Disasterdays a few years back. T.L.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

training for high noon scramble 2009



teach me how to dougie

champions in training

dune daze



We went on a trip this summer and rode up the coquihalla, turned off after summit park and found the Kettle Valley Railway trailhead. This is a series of trails made using decommissioned railway lines. We struggled to find the right start to the trail and Andrew tried to ride across this big washout. On the way back across his bike slid 20 feet down the washout and it took all six of us to drag it out. I had just started riding my XT and was ready to get dirty in the woods but was worried that this was how difficult the whole trip would be. We regrouped had a beer, found the trail head and soon after that we were on our way. It was mostly easy riding on fast trails and we would ride for an hour and stop for a drink and a piss.

Ashley had heard a rumor about an old biker in on of the tiny towns that had an amazing old chopper so we tracked the old man down. turns out he lived across from the bar in this little town and was happy to let us look at his amazing bikes. We fed him some beer and heard some great stories and about the history of the two old chopped harleys, he drew us a super shit map for directions to a camping spot way up in the woods. We either got lost or the map was the ramblings of a madman but we ended up in a huge clear cut area and it was getting dark.  most of the dudes sleep in hammocks and this terrain would not work for them so we came up with a plan to split up acouple doubles i had and ride until we couldn't.

We ended up at this great spot and lit up a fire, ate some beef jerky and drank and drank sitting around the fire. Curtis wouldn't stop talking about el caminos and was waving around a machette so we sicked him on this big tree. We taunted him into cutting the tree down with his michette and told him there might be an el camino in it for him. Soon enough we all took turns on the tree and coaxed Andrew out of his hammock to deal the tree the final blow. its amazing how well evergreens burn.

we continued like this for another two days and  toured the area. too many stories to tell


dirty vidz

The Origins of the Yamaha Brand

The YAMAHA brand has its roots in the name of our founder, Torakusu Yamaha. Familiar with western science and technology from his youth, Yamaha initially found employment repairing medical equipment. This led to a request to repair a organ, a project that resulted in the birth of the Yamaha brand. Confident of the potential of his business, Yamaha struggled against great odds to establish Yamaha Organ Works. Entrepreneurial spirit, far-sightedness, and determination to overcome difficulties fueled his passion to succeed. This same spirit formed the foundation of the Yamaha brand, and is a vital legacy of Yamaha Corporation today.

The Tuning Fork Mark

The three tuning forks of the Yamaha logo mark represent the cooperative relationship that links the three pillars of our business -- technology, production, and sales. They also evoke the robust vitality that has forged a reputation for sound and music the world over, a territory indicated by the enclosing circle. The mark also symbolizes the three essential musical elements: melody, harmony, and rhythm.

The phoenix clutches a tuning fork in the mark designated for the newly established Nippon Gakki Co., Ltd.

A trademark application featuring the tuning fork mark and Yamaha Veneer logo

Widely used in newspaper advertising and catalogs

A trademark application for Yamaha Organ

A trademark application for Yamaha Piano

A trademark application for tuning forks alone

A trademark application for musical instruments

A trademark application for musical instruments

Used for motorcycles

Introduction of standardized logo; current alternate version designated as 'reverse format'

Reverse format of 1967 designated as standard format

Used on corporate flags, etc.

Current designated standard versions and alternate versions of tuning fork mark

The Yamaha Logo Mark

The Yamaha logo mark, combining the Yamaha logo and the tuning fork mark, was adopted in 1967, coinciding with the introduction of the standardized tuning fork mark. Used in various forms over the years, the current Yamaha logo mark was designated in 1998.

Designated Yamaha logo mark

Yamaha logo mark updated, with simple line-art type designated as standard format

Company name changed to Yamaha Corporation to mark 100th anniversary of the firm.The tuning fork is deleted, to emphasize the Yamaha name

Designated standard and alternate versions of the current Yamaha logo mark