Tuesday, May 31, 2011

boston bar to ashcroft.....a fined ride!

Chilling with the dudes on an amazing side road along the fraser canyon on the other side of the river. There are old ghost towns and old churches.Bone kicking his feets up.
photo by LT

We built this bridge over a washed out road with the materials we found on site.
photo by LT

Beau got stuck in this hole and tried to rev his way out of it, he ended up digging it out and making it almost impossible to ride over......thanks beau!
photo LT

Willy and Pottie chilling on the ridge and scoping the twists and turns of the trail ahead.
photo LT

Chalk lining lining beau as the dead man trying to steal all our money on the track to get flattened.
ps TL's key was NOT in his T! We had an hour long rant at this spot about T heven and the perfect bike.
photo LT

Will salvaged panels from an abandoned car to help with the building of the bridge.
photo LT

Pottie going pottie and watching the wild horses at our camping spot in boston bar on the first night. We camped in between the railroad tracks with trains passing 20 feet from our camping spot and a road on the other side.
photo bone

Up it puppet!
photo bone

bridging the gap with what we found, the following photos show how we conquered a washed out road that would have caused most riders to turn back.
photo bone

we rolled the culverts into the river

Danimal did a great job directing traffic and supervising!

It was a team effort and would have been alot easier if we could have gotten the backhoe started up

Danimal still focused on guiding our progress and advising us on the next actions needed to complete the  bridge project.

Will brought the key components salvaged from a car

it started to really come together and the prospect of riding over it was scary

all the pieces are placed and it was go time


at around this point in the project an RCMP truck rolled up and we thought we were going to get busted and have our trip would be ruined. He was a super young dude and more then anything he was worried about turning his truck around on the narrow road. he bent up his bumper and left with our help turning around. he seemed impressed by our bridge.

LT with his rear basket style crossing the filthmode bridge.

we camped in ashcroft and there is a ton of amazing trails into the hills.

the trails wind around and are single track. great riding

Pottie got thursty after his swim
campfire hotknives off the campfire on stolen knives. it turns out one of the nuggets was cow turd

will blasting TL

spaceman will


LT caught a rainbow trout and we ate it and it ruled

rip missing members

punk matt

TL killing single track trails
filthy lineup

Monday, May 30, 2011

ram ron at a snails pace

yep, that is a snail upside down on my rear shovelhead. The avon tourist mounted to the 16" Invader  didnt fit, raider wiring 6v, ceriani front end is too long, highway tank needs a petcock, the heads have snails, the wassel is ripping,   and i missed two epic  Filth Mode rolls  in a row.  I owe at the next meeting.  am .
We started our trip to Sloquet Hotspings at the sasquatch inn and we enjoyed some beer and food and watched the hockey game.

Will-i-AM blasted some raps and took a chill out front

These dudes rolled up on us yelling "its like im in the fuckin 80s!"

We took the back roads along harrison lake and had to do 6 river crossings

Curt was transformed into a creature known as curt the flirt with his short shorts and knee high boots.
He was pretty fucked up and was losing his mind. he was chopping wood wildly and took acouple tumbles down the hill cutting his face right next to his eye.

he fell alot and would not stop swinging the axe

we camped in this spot and rolled the bike right in there.



Saturday, May 28, 2011


Me and Beau are leaving from the Mohawk gas station at 6:30, Powell and Victoria. About four dudes rolled out today, but i was still working on my bike. If you want to join in.....see you tomorrow morn bright and early.
I posted this a while ago, Beau heading to Ashcroft about 3 years ago....fun times...TL

Friday, May 27, 2011


Looks like no one wants to go (leave) on a rainy day.
Dont blame ya....
I'm like a cat.
lets all keep in touch and see how the day unfolds....
there was discussion about leaving tomorrow morning if the weather persists.
Lots of love sun goddess ,

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Leaving on Friday after (2 nights ) work; be home on Sunday.
Heading up the canyon shouldering the ol Thompson.
Trying to complete the Drinkwater  pass east of SpencesBridge (where Dan the Man's bike died few years back); lots of old villages and great fishing!
DrinkWater exits up at Ashcroft.
Hope to see ya.

Meet at the Mohawk next to Princeton Pub Friday at 5:30 pm . (powell and Victoria)


Keddie took this photo last year in front of our shop. I just love the sky in this photo, it screams David Mann to me. Chis has changed his bike sense this flick. He threw a king and queen on, and made a really nice square stock sissy, so he can roll with his lady. Those bars are fucking killer.  ~TL~


Sunday, May 22, 2011


Orin, coming correct with the supertrap double tab, nice touch bud
Ashley up date: Tranny fucked needs new main shaft at Gus Shop still. Attempting to mount this Avon Tourist 16, fender fucked, sissy broken, need to figure out spacing on new 5 spoke rim, for disc and drive sprocket. Frame covered in grease, blow by in top end still...Born Free is in 33 days!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

not sure if anyone checks the blog

Calling all riders for a May long ride. Looking at a one nighter to start the season. We are a little concerned about snow but we have thought of a couple options.
a) harrison lake to the hotsprings or maybe to boston barr.
b)does anyone know if the duffy is still bogged down with snow? ashcroft could be fun
c)maybe toward hemlock

i would love any ideas

holler atta bone

some photos of the hiphop shack

face down, shack up