Sunday, December 23, 2012

sands of time

fun times boys. should be up to par. maybe a double eagle filth rager

Thursday, December 20, 2012

See you turds in hell...

Tomorrow signifies the end of a long cycle in the time of man, if the world goes for shit you know where i'll be... At the dunes... 11:11 is the so called prophecised end of the world i would like to see it from the top of mountain but the closest thing i can get my moto to is the top of a sandy hill. Join me in mass suicide on the top of the wastelands
highest peak! Nice knowin ya see you on the other side


Saturday, December 15, 2012

I-5 and beyond

Its true, me and fuzzy bunny lepore took "white noise"; 87 2.4 Diesel toyota 2WD pickup with the 42Knuck and the Lemon drop BornFree Triumph in the back. AirBags. Couple sunny days of LA,Randys Donuts, Garage company, JDs, Calebs, a Commune Party featuring both bikes at a Ray Gordon photo show. cool party, free beer, Nice downtown LA night mission, up at 6am then the amazing David Mann Choppafest in ventura. Perfect weather, swapmeet, and show n shine. room for three in the yota if anyones wants to go next year. 1200 miles, 51.43 gallons one way to LA. Almost 25 miles to a gallon, if ya dont know, now ya know. mitchi
ps. this is gonna be good, portland and the one show is KILLER!
This is Mitch Hooties front side. This his work dress.....If I was working next to this dude all day long, it would be hard to get any work done with this beef curtin staring me down all day. David Mann show in California was rad, nice people, great bike and hot and sunny. It was Ashley and mine third year at David Mann, and if you have never's a nice time to get the fuck out of Vancouver, hit the California free ways with no insurance or registration and have a blast! Im going next year....TL

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Had a super fun sesh at the dunes with bone and slimey today in celebration of jesse's birth. Got to try the dt for the first time, couple time trials, couple wheelies, and one 1230 boner especial. result:chill