Thursday, November 15, 2012


On one of my first Xt Camping trips last year, a whack load of us ended smack dab in what most vintage xt500 enthusiasts call "t heaven" Spences Bridge and the Slough. Many chose the bottle that night and many choose various greens and Veggies. In the evening with the moon full and fresh beers in hand, we ventured on a cross country hike that led all over train tracks and bridges, even towards the raging riverbed. It was here a dead fish washed up freshly dead from a heart attack, induced by my epileptic wheelies probably. We stared long and hard at the fish until Ashley Mitchel ran straight at it babbling under his breath and smiling maniacally! As soon as he rushed for the fish we freaked out scrambling backwards away from the water bed and this crazy fish weilding man, he turned to me and I took his picture the flash blinding him long enough for Beau and I to scramble for the safety of our base camp They can't kill us all with dead fish! -skinny

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I bought this van about 7 years ago. I owned it for about 1 month. It blew up on me while driving in downtown Vancouver. It coasted to the curb with green blood marking the pavement in a nice line from time of leak to time of total failure. I was lucky enough to coast into a 2 hour parking spot, in Vancouver this is a hard thing to just have happen to you in a time of crisis. My van was filled with old shit of mine from my parents house. A huge printer that was broken, snowboards, clothing, just stuff. I left the van and went home to re group. I figured I should deal with this shit tonight, so I headed back out with a room mates truck to gather my belongings and make the next day not as shit. It's ten p.m. at this point and I have my room mates truck backed up to my van, and I am throwing all my shit into the back of his truck. I must of looked like a sketchy shit bag, because some shit head called the cops on me and they thought they had me up shit creek. I had put the shitty printer on a bench near my van, for a crack head. The pigs thought this was very odd how I would be junking a printer from the 70's that was broken...they were trying to run the serial numbers on the printer to see if it was stolen. Asking me about my van, who's truck, who's clothing, why the late night move. It fucking sucked! The printer was not stolen, I had to explain that it was just a shit printer and I'm tossing it on city property. The next morning I scraped my van for 400 bucks, but I made sure to leave that fucking printer back on that bench in the morning. TL

Saturday, November 10, 2012


I hate ebay, but when you need a part, you need a part. I do love swap meets, going to the wasp, getting up at the crack of shit. Getting a shit coffee and donut and talking with the oldest crusty bikers that have parts covered in grease and dirt and they have had these parts for fucking years. You spot a old springer or wheel and you think...yes it's mine! You ask about the price and it's fair but the old seller is grilling you about what it's going to go on. I love this shit, you have just spotted a dream part and the price is next to nothing as far as ebay pricing. You are touching your new item, inspecting it, your eyes combing over every weld and seam, clearing away the old crusty grease, it's a fucking steal. The old guys looks you over, and makes his decision. He will sell you his gem or he will tell you to get fucked and beat it! The fact that this old geezer has had this part for 20 years and that he is in no real rush to sell it, can make you want to blow your lid....I love the fact that he can hang onto his part for another 20 years and not be bothered. This is just one of the simple joys of going to a swap. The interaction between buyer and seller, old and young, it's fun. It put's you in your place, some times you get a screaming deal, sometime you don't get a part sold to you because the old guy thinks your a goof. The effort is what it's all about. You get up and hunt for the deals, you will prob find some. I wish we had more swaps this time of year. P&E is coming up in March, Monroe, Skadget. That Reddeer swap that went on last month looked good. Time to tear in your bike and open your wallet, April comes quick. SWAPMEET, STREET MEAT, TRIUMPH, HARLEY, LOG JAMMER, CLUCH LOG PULLER, WICKED PIZZA.