Monday, February 28, 2011



Seat session...

Drove out to Langley to watch Curtis work his magic on my Triumph seat. Curtis sewed up the piping, made templates out of cheep vinyl, and traced the shapes onto the leather we were going to use. Backed the leather in areas with foam, and mounted a nice chrome bracket for attaching the seat to my frame. We were in the final stretch and the sewing machine we were using, started breaking needles. So another couple hours to go.


Saturday, February 26, 2011


My friend Jon sent me this link. If you have a Triumph 500 or are going to build one, the mods discussed in this article are pretty cool. A good read if you own a Triumph.

Go here:

Dirty old nose job- Humpty Hump-


Friday, February 25, 2011

Split my face case

Ok, said fuck you aftermarket frame and went out to Gus Shop last night with Ash and picked up my wishbone frame. Man he did such a nice job on it, cut out the old down tubes ( someone had made a home job straightleg) and replaced them with proper wishbone 1- 1/8th tubing with the stock bends, Gus and Ashley had to make a special jig to bend up the tubing. My axle plates were bent out of shape from an old mechanical brake locking up, and he replaced my crossover tube with a stock one he had laying around the shop. I wanted the head tube left as is, it's raked about 5/8 of an inch and I'm running an 8 over wide glide front end. Got back to the shop and threw the rear wheel and front end on, and stood there with a big smile, it sits just perfect.
Also tore the top end off my motor and had a look at the heads and jugs. All in all it is looking pretty good. Took it all to Gus for his opinion, barrel just needs a hone, using old piston with new rings, and the heads were fine. The kicker was that my male connecting rod was to tight. Gus gave me a 50/50 could be fine, or if you run it hard the connecting rod could tighten up on the crank, and the crank could walk it self over in the case and do some damage. I told him to split the cases and have a look at the oil pump as well. He said it would be about a month till he could get at it's Triumph time for the next few weeks. Here is a few shots of the pan motor and the T100C Triumph motor i just got back from the polishers. I'm just waiting on connecting rod bearings for the T100C and then it's getting bolted back up.

I knew i was going to have to split those dam cases. ~T.L.~

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

S.F. and FU mock-up

Went to San Fran for some beer and coffee. Kegan i was thinking of you. Here are a few photos of my trip to. S.F. has some great coffee, Blue Bottle, Sight Glass, Four barrel, and Trouble....all amazing! The De Young museum is amazing, really cool view of the city. And had some delicious brew.
Really nice gold leaf..

De Young, from the top deck...
Shootin from the hip, my main man rollin dirty..
Said FU mock up, and pulled my motor and tranny. Well ripped the entire bike down to nothing, every nut and bolt. Was going to stick with what i had and work around that frame, but I'm not into the aftermarket shit. I should be getting my wishbone frame back from Gus Shop in a week, so i decided to pull my motor and give her a once over. Popped the tins off last night, going to pull the jugs and see if the connecting rods have any play at the crank. If no, a bit of top end work and I'm in business. If yes, i throw some cash at Gus Shop and wait. Thanks for the help W.D.
Keep it real, split the cases!  T.L.

Monday, February 21, 2011

it started as a "simple" tire change.... XT came out of it with a new tire, new chain, new front and rear sprocet, new brakepads and a new bulb in my brake light. Tory,Pete, Dean and my fith mode hommies all helped out and had parts around to hook a dog up!

Finaly got the old tire off and this new badass rubber on there, we struggled with it and couldn't get the last bit over the rim and wolfdick came over and did it solo.

the spot had four XT's with the back wheels off, and here wolfdick is doing sprockets and pottieboi is rebuilding his rear brake

The feeling of triumph was over whelming

In the "mock up" we realized the tire was way too wide and would hit my swing arm and the muffler. Some of the other crew members had this problem and just let the hot muffler melt the time where it makes contact.

After some beer and advice from the boys

I just took an inch off all the nobbs on both sides of the tire with an exacto knife till it stopped rubbing


ps Dean got some TT parts from the XT vault 

Bike Machinery frame jig $3,500

I bought this jig a few years ago and have never used it. Stupid i know, but at the time it seemed like what i really wanted to get into. It has been stored inside for the last 4 years, it's heavy as hell and if you plan on making bicycle frames, it's supposed to be a great jig. If your interested, give Super Champion Shop a call. 604-689-3610 T.L.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


we camped out along a set of abandoned train tracks. we road along them into the dark  and ended up turning around. we found this skipping rope in a make shift dump/camp site and put it to use. Thomas killing it.


lil more highnoon scramble love

 Wolfdick made this xt500 just for the race with a paddle tire and a hand painted tank

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bro's camp?

After i took this photo, Andrew kicked it into first gear and went at our smoldering fire, his front wheel hit a good sized log, and face planted into a mound of ash. The morning was off to a great start.

Triple Dude 100 yard sand dash w/photo finish

And the Shitty Mono-Shock takes it by one reclining dude length 
I'm sure J-bone was crushed by both members of his team and their XT

Four prong long dong

I had to make this funny looking tool on Valentines day, because i just love my Pan and wanted her to get some TLC. My primary cover was in need of repair, it was all cracked to hell, so i decided to focus on that. The clutch hub came off with no problems using an impact, but i was looking at my compensator spring, it's a flat surface with 4 holes in it that holds on a huge fuck off spring. I noticed the tool on line was about a 100 bucks, so i went to work and made my own shit version. I stuck the handle of an old screw driver into my primary chain, to stop my clutch hub from moving. Then i placed my 4 prong tool where it needed to go, closed my eyes and reefed on that fucker, and presto...primary is apart...started tig welding some holes and cracks, need to clean them up more and pull out the black brush paint. ~T.L.~

Monday, February 14, 2011

FM-loose in Scappoose

Scappoose OR, doing stop signs a little different.
During mid October 2010 I stumbled across an advertisement on craigslist in Scappoose OR.  The ad was for various xt,tt, and sr frames, motors, parts, name it and it was listed for just over $1000.  I hollered at Wolfdick and we devised a quick plan and borrowed Ty's sweet new right hand drive Toyota Hiace and headed down to Oregan after a days work.  We got close to Portland and saw this cool pub that was called "The Lighthouse Inn".  Two birds with one stone we thought.  Turns out it was strictly a pub, no INN at all.  No big deal we thought, it would be cool to stay right in Portland in the downtown and see what hip people do in that city, but we quickly realized it was a bit too pricey.
So we grabbed a few tall cans and headed for a Best Western by the airport where we got shut down, no rooms?  So we found a cheap place with a TV, parking, and a continental breakfast. In the AM we headed towards Scappoose where Bill was waiting with XT glory.  We rolled in just after 10 and didn't leave until around 1 PM.  He had a lot of cool bikes, tools, and cars.  He even had an Australian Ford Falcon model, the same model used in the OG MadMax.  We ended up getting out with around 12-14 complete wheel sets, 7 frames, 4 dessert tanks, lots of usable rubber, 2 SR motors, a bunch of XT/TT motors, a ridiculous bundle of cables, some cool bars, a million front and rear shocks, a number of exhausts, and bunch of other gems.  He also had a few other nice old Yamaha's for sale, we didn't have the room as you can tell by looking at Ty's truck, it was an epic packing job, every possible hole or crack was jammed with a loose exhaust pipes, wheels, shocks, tanks, motors or air box's, Bill even helped up pack it all up and tie it down.  He told me to keep his number because apparently he had another stash of bikes and parts at his cabin.  We pushed home for Canada at the Hiace's top speed of 125 km/h (fully loaded).  When we got to the boarder the customs officer didn't even ask us what we had, he just assumed whatever was under the tarp wasn't worth his trouble, I don't blame him.  A side note, we had to try and find windshield wiper blades for that weird Japanese truck we were driving and it took every NAPA employee in the joint to figure it out.  Good trip, good score.  Leave the key in the T.  


Sunday, February 13, 2011


From the bottom to the top we have: #1 MAN WOLF, #2Thomas was riding up this steep pitch, and his tire flung a rock up and hit him right in the thumb. He was even wearing riding gloves. Ashley pulled his finger nail, out- and back in, cleaned him up and we were on our way.#3 Next phtos is Ashley poking me in my "D" with a stick. #4 And last is a group shot, complete with dirt burn out, and sweet view. T.L.