Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Parties are Fun....Let em BREATH2013

Tories supercrazyclean Honda girlfreindbike on display 
Thanks to Clarke & Francis Modified for presenting the "Let em Breathe" motospectalular event. BEER, BABES, BOOZE and BANDS.....classic NFMC and C&F party. Two Towns and Rich Hope rocknroll at the Chapel Arts. Good job Darren and Crew for the show, NorthWest on the comeup. The old 42 Gus Knuck took home a  Kirk Sheppard, hand painted award for "Best Fabrication". Y'all know i got a vice grip and a hammer so its not an award for my handiwork. Id like to thank the original builder of the bike once again: Gus Shop in Surrey. 

Heard a rumor of some XT500 rigids in the works. mitchi

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Did a quicky at the dunes with brock

Loaded the trout and bundled little ed up in a couple jackets. Hit duffins for a quick authentic chinese lunch. Met brock and his buddy jerry at the dunes by the river. Brock showed us a couple new moves. Couldnt get the chief fired up. Fun times


Thursday, March 14, 2013

Yeah Ty! Seasons coming up boys. Slimey petes birthday is next weekend and we were thinking about hitting the dunes hard and maybe camping long hour sesh. headlight rides. fires. scoobs. dudes. maybe a little splooge in your foods.

The ONE show {won}

Brockzilla stacks em 13 high
T.L. Wins "Cutest Biker of all time" award at the ONE show in PDX. Thor at SeeSee motocoffeeshop puts on an amazing full scale event. hundred killer bikes of all sorts. Art, photography, 21 helmuts art, 1$PBR and $20 tattoos, even saw a streaker. The strip bars rule, especially Sassys and a goodtime was had by all. Lots more northerners are making the trip next time cause ONE PDX rules!

Ps. Tyler takes ; shiniest bike award with the world renowned LEMON DROP 69 500......mitchi

FilthyFun @theshopvancouver

The Art/Photo BRoShoW was awesome, thanks to everyone