Saturday, July 28, 2012

Going Deep Over Night Augest 11 to 12

The Goth is calling all riders and hope to have the Filthy Dads on a over night roll to Norton Lake.
This is Mitch "Going Deep Roll" with a Gothic twist. White Face paint is mandatory! Road sounds easier then past years Bring Jerry's for exploration, Fishing rods, Bathing suit, your best Gothic getup and something to sacrifice to the T Gods. Also this is a great chance to discuss anything pertaining to Disaster Daze. those who ride decide

 Lets Roll Deep!

Friday, July 27, 2012

big jugs

Just found this photo on my computer. It's the first mock up I put together of the mind melter, the finished product did come out very different....I love these old photos, reminds me of how shitty all my projects start out. TL

Monday, July 23, 2012

KVR Classic

Sorry for the short notice guys but Mitchi had to get out of town and get some dirt after all those ashphalt miles of freedom at Born Free. Rain on the way out of town, NO SLEEP til BROOKMERE! Young bloods; Skinny Pete and Brock are getting "seasoned", Trails were some of the best yet, the rains meant NO DUST bros.....we connected Whipsaw in a loop at dicks cabin. Bugs, seriously.
 Rafinon stunting video, " dude, im gonna grind it", filming for new RAP GOOFZ video.
 Brock and mitchis flat fronts, and a little front end damages. Great trip guys, another classic filth mode adventure.


Sunday, July 22, 2012


I have been so burnt out sense BF4, still stoked to look at bikes, but picking up a wrench as of late has been a heavy task. Working on this Triumph for the show was very hard, it took it out of me on a few levels. I wanted to post up just a few of my old photos just to remind me how long it took to put this bike together. I also have not done a write up on the show or given any words to describe how rad it was. It was rad, bikes of a very high caliber and some great people. The builder circle was a cool thing to be involved in, I'm not the most out going guy when it comes to speaking up and self promoting my bike/ me as a person etc. My bike looked so small sitting in the builders area, it looked like a kids bike. Surrounded by duel carb knuckles, pan's, drag bikes, diggers, long long long bikes, shit was real cool. I think most bikes doubled my bike in cc class, as well as size in general. What I did really like was that my bike was different, very different and people that took the time to give it a once over, got stoked and got me stoked. After working my bag off on this bike for the last 6  months, I have to admit it was nice to hear some positive feedback and get a few strokes on the ego.
I took about 10 photos total, I walked around till I thought I was going to pass out, and just tried to take the entire show in, which was impossible. The show was so much bigger this year then last year, I know I missed so many nice bikes, as I wandered around in the Cali heat drinking watered down beers. I had been working so hard on this bike for the show, that now it's over I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do. Most builders have a web site, have built built bikes for customers and were planning on using the show as a platform to get more work and promote what they are doing, where ever that may be. Myself being a dude from Canada with no web site, no customers to build bikes for and not the best net working skills in the world. I am back in Vancouver with a killer bike, no web site and no one knocking down my shop door to build bikes for. Building a motor bike from the ground up, is so fucking hard, making all the shit work and look good takes so many hours of grinding, filing, welding...
I am very glad I built a bike and finished my build for BF4. A big thanks to Ashley for writing an email and getting the ball in motion. After this whole thing, finishing my bike, driving down to the show and back. Talking about my bike and having people tell me that it fuck rules and they love it! All this shit makes me want to have my own web site and not build bikes for a living but just have a platform for me to meet more people that are doing cool shit and making stuff with their hands. I will post up some shots of my bike soon, all fancy and shit. Show Class is doing a few pages on it and Wes White did some interview with me for some dvd he is putting out. Maby I will get a site built and build some more yellow shit clouds? A big thanks to Thomas and Ashley for making the trip and doing it in style, It was great to have some close friends to hang with in Cali. -FILTH MODE FOREVER-


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

59 -FL

I got my 59 Pan motor back from Gus's shop a few months ago. I had my blinders on finishing up my Triumph, and now it's on to the  big twin. I rode my pan a few times and man do I miss it. This bike has been apart for a while now, and I am itching to get her back on the road. I ditched the old santee rigid frame and for a nice wishbone. Going to try and get her mocked up in the next few.
*** Disaster Dayz***** coming up fast, make it out to this, it's going to be a real good time! TL

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Aimless across America.

TKM and i took our shovelheads to Born Free 4. We took the I-5 down to a WKITHOC party at TriCO in Hollywood, stayed at Snake's house in Echoe Park. We rolled up to the observatory with seattle dudes, around a gate and up to the hollywood sign....COPS seriously. Parking tickets.

We head out to the show sitethe night before to check on Tyler, and Lisa , and "SHiT ClouD RidEr" at the builders invite circle. The Show was unreal, better than last year. Took 250 photos, mostly crazy knuclhead choppers. Best show in the USA.

After LA, we headed through Las Vegas on our way to Bonneville salt flats my gastank split wide open, JBL fixer up by our route changed, now headed to Bend Oregon for the "Freedom" celebration, july 4th. With Linda and her portland buddies, BBQ Bikini goodtimes. The Dessert was hot as fuck, the shovels like to go hard into the cool night, we average 450 miles a day and 750 the most. Total trip odometer 3000 miles of freedom. TKM pioneer of the "Rancho Relaxo" on the road and camping on a chopper........Love the open road.

PS. Anyone want to roll to Brooklyn in september???????


Saturday, July 7, 2012


I am back from Born Free and it's great to be home. Went to pool 88 today with Mitchi, got some insurance on my XT and I'm feeling the wind in my beard. The show was amazing, amazing bikes, nice people, just a total over load for one day. I only took about 10 photos the entire trip, I was just not in photo mode. My bike was received well, people were digging the double wind screen and some of the custom work I put into my little 500cc trump. I will post some photos of my finished bike in the next day or so.
DISASTER DAYS are coming to the sunshine coast again, and Dave and I have teamed up to host the Disaster. Here is the flyer, I had to take a photo of it off of my computer screen, because my computer is so fucked, so I hope you can read the info. I will send the flyer to my friends who are more "tech on the computer" then myself. I hope lots of people can come out and enjoy, camping on site, bands, and a nice Ruby Lake run. Here is a photo of the flyer...TL
party, boner, fire, boobies, zoomers, lake, chopper, lake....

Monday, July 2, 2012


In the beginning.....THERE WAS RAIN! Heavy rain all the way to pemberton, where we dicided to do the Highline instead of the longer Hurley. Highline was great and from lillooet we rode highway to ashcroft just as it was getting dark. We altered our minds as per the rituals involved with visiting T-heaven. it was crazy. Matts bike had a breakdown and he took it like a champ and arranged himself lift home with his bike. we road the dirt road across the Fraser canyon to the next town and got back on the highway. next stop boston bar to e. Harrison, we crossed two super long snow patches that were up to a foot deep, rode over a log covered landslide and crossed a river using a sketchy wet log bridge. I really didn't think we would make it through but WEEE Did