Thursday, March 29, 2012


Hey, so got my shock mounts made up, used the mill and made the shock mount arms. I had made them pretty big, so I ended up removing lots of material with my trusty flap wheel and grinder. The welds look rough, but I wanted to build up lots of material on the sides of the shock arms, to have them blend nicely into the shock mount cups, so made about 4 passes per side. The 7/8 miter's came out nice and fit the tubing so snug, tacked it all in place and welded it all up. TJ also helped me throw two different front ends on tonight, and hold odds and ends in place while I tacked on bungs and tabs in a frenzy. I also added another fender piece that is was recessed for shocks. I'm going for a fender that is made out of at least 3 fenders... and as said before.....lots of clean up still to come........

This was the smaller front end.........

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Filthy meeting time again.

biggers better burgers buddy
Calling a Monday night meeting.  Season is upon us now. Preparing for Swapmeet, events and fucking enduro bro. Tall cans and doobies and some yelling at Mandrew Dadson's house aka. Lil Gus's Garage. 8pm.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

FM friends out there.

Got a message from an old buddy who moved south, Jason H..............
 "The only sure bet in Vegas is my dusty 77 XT."

Anyone else into an international XT Jamboree ?????Mitchi

Monday, March 26, 2012

fmmc shirts

Hey all....
Let me know what you like best for a t-shirt.
Gonna print a run next week.
hit me back with you size.
beau..... leave message in comment box.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Been busting ass on my bike still. Working on getting all my 1,000 triumph front end part together to make 1 good one. Thanks to Mother for the MCM fork covers...big help. Here is some pics of these shock mounts I'm working on.
I found a chunk of old hardened steel, I think it was for some type of tubing die. I went at it, and it was way to hard to weld, drill etc. So I liked the profile so much I decided to use it as a template and make some new mounts out of a new 2" chunk of mild steel. Cut the shape out with a grinder, then went at it on the mill. Tacked both pieces together, and drilled them out to 7/8, to fit my rear 7/8 hoop. Then used the end mill and made a nice 7/8 mitered fit, so when I hit a pot hole, my shocks won't bend my shock mounts. Top of the mounts are 2" then tapered down into 2 prongs that will wrap around the top shock bolt. Heading to the shop to clean all this stuff, then start tacking these mounts in place. I'm super excited to move on from the rear end. I cleaned the mounts up yesterday at the shop, but forgot to take pics. They look nice and round now, not so angular and bulky. TL

It won't look like a sport bike when I'm done .....I promise....!! TL

Saturday, March 17, 2012


Swap tomorrow, gotta go early before all the good shis is gone. P&E bro's.................................

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Hey Ladies/Bro's I just booked my camp site for the BORN FREE show June 30th in Caifornia. If you want a camp site, or have a crew of peeps you are coming down with, this camp site is the closest to the show. We stayed here last year and met lots of friends. I am trucking my bike down, and will be tent camping, feel free to join, hang, party, it hould be a blast. My camping details:

30892 Trabuco Caynon rd.
Trubuco Caynon, CA 92678
#1 949 923 2260
Reso line # 1 800 600 1600
I booked my site for June 28th-July1st Fri-Sun
I got site # 61 and it was $60 bones US
Come to Cali, going to be fun...beers, bikes, good times.... TL
* BOOK A SITE SOON, BECAUSE IT FILLS UP FAST* ********************************

Monday, March 12, 2012

Make a long story; short......T-L shorty

Here is the top secret wizard documentation of T.L: MANS PAN.
It took way too long and the old man is killer slow and only works as he feels but when your the best; the people wait. Next year marks 50 years since he started with a WLC for $25 back on the east coast.
The father of the "alien" and Whalley O.G., the top chop: gus. First Andrews 55 pan, mitchis cone, potts 68, and now mr. Tizzle Lepizzle can say hes got a true GUS BUILT pan.
 I heard hes been staring at it every morning while sipping espress DD and eating oatmeal before heading to the shop to complete the amazing: "shit cloud rider" for born free 4 june 30th in cali. After we get back the Mans pan begins...............

Ps. Now the mans pan is done Gus and i have started working on my 1930 Harley 45 DL race bike motor. 
My completion goal is the same as old shit cloud rider, its a race but we finish together....filth mode forever. mitch-hootie

Been diggin on these as of late...

Added some shit onto my fender today, it's getting weird. Will post tomorrow. I think I figured out how I want to mount my rear shocks, starting on that tomorrow. Bikes on the brain...fuck, all I think about....I got problems.
* I never got back to your guys who replied anout that triumph pre unit front end shit I have/ working on, will do a post on that asap. Pulled it all apart, just srying to sort out what will work and what I will need to replace/ buy bla bla...."I cover my tires with the blood of the earth mother, then I knew I was clean, although my T unclean in nobbys, chain and body"
" when it's get weird, don't play with your phone, just make eye contact" TL

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Heavy Fronting


BF BUILD.....oil bagger..few more pics..

I have been busting my ass on this bike for a while now. I bought some shit on ebay that turned up, and I was like rad, looks shit and does not fit. My oil bag was really holding me up because the tire clearance with this harley drop center 16" rim is really tight between the swing arm and the seat down tube, where an oil bag should mount. I was going to have to fit coils and a battery into this sapce and it was seeming impossible, so I bucked up and bought a magneto, really nice joe hunt, with an older cast mag body. So that solves my battery and coil mounting issues, now it was just the oil bag. I had an older hex oil bag that I wanted to use from day one but just knew how much work it would be, so I was trying to buy something that would fit. The rear section I made was not going to fit anything I would buy, so I pulled out the grinder and went at it. I hacked the old top mounts off, then estimated how much to take off the back of the bag, so the tire would not hit it when the shocks compresed.

So after this session, I had not really thought about my swing arm traveling up and down with the shocks, I guess my brain was still in rigid mode. I but the oil bag to clear the tire if the wheel was pushed all the way forward into the swing arm. That would of worked if I strutted this bike, but with a little up and down action from my swing arm I was back to square one......I waited a day and said ok...........I need to cut her up the grinder came back out...

So now the bag looks like this, still need to do some clean up, but I did mount it to the rear section yesterday, and weld on all the tabs and mounts, super stoked how it came out. Really happy with how that curve came out around the oil spickets. Don't have a photo in the bike, will post one tomorrow of the bag mounted and cleaned up. Also got the rear section plugged and welded in, I'm onto the shock mounts soon....more to come TL
Here are the last few photos, with the bag installed, still need to clean up, but you get the idea...