Thursday, March 31, 2011

Shimpple nimple dimpple

Just want to keep you all up to date: weed eater is still in need of pull cord to be fixed.
Will post photos soon of pull cord rebuild, Will reading the unholy bizzible. And the last photo is of a napkin drawing that my buddy Keddie did. He was explaining to me and Will the back pressure of an exhaust system, and then Will added to his drawing and made it look like a puss. It was a real in depth conversation...serious it was. TL.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

casual meeting, unofficial: no yelling

lets meet up at my house wednesday night (tomorrow) to talk about born free, first ride, new patch, new clubhouse, high noon and the rest of our summer. . . . . . mitchi w.d.

Monday, March 28, 2011


We were off to Monroe, got a late start and decided to drive down Sat night. I hop in my truck and realize i have been driving for the last 22 days with no insurance. I thought maby i should just roll, and say fuck it, but i didn't want to push my luck. I stop at a insurance place, and am late getting to Ashleys. I open that garage door and find Will and Ashley barley visible through the cloud of weed smoke and Ashley says something like " fuck the man we gotta get high before we hit the US" it was hard to hear him over the gangster rap blaring.
I have to drop a tank and fender off to Mike Rock in Langley. We have some beers at a Mexican food place, talk about how expensive shit is now and how ebay is fucked. We go into detail about charging systems/ 6v/12v/ rebuilt generators, triple clamps for wide glides, linkert air cleaners, and make fun of the couple next to us with matching helmets. He had a scorpion on his and she had a butterfly!
At the boarder, we are stopped and searched! We walk into the shitty customs building and see a dude getting his eye balls scanned, it looks like a rat cut his hair and he has no shoes on, just socks, and bandages all over his fingers..took the heat off of us with ease. We make it through, next stop is beer, then Monroe. We pull into Monroe and find where the swap is going to be. We then decide to get a cheep motel and hit the bar. Motel was cheep bar was closed, swap was awesome! We got to the swap early after a shit breakfast from dennys. We did get a coffee from a spot called cowgirl coffee. It's a drive through little espresso shack/ porno shack. The girl working in a bra and panties, with signs that say no photos...we went there twice!
The Monroe swap was good, fair prices and LOTS of good parts!
This was just to fucking amazing, our motel was high class to say the least....

Barn fresh...

Anderson pegs- pet cockus-pan lever- oil gauges-weed eater..broken but fixable...
rusty pan tanks, fish tail pipes, oil bag...bla bla..if you get the chance to go next year...I would.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

couple of weekend rides

we stopped for doughnuts on our quest for dirt but it ended up being a snow mission.

Curt the blurt killing the spot somewhere above Britannia  

We rode from furrycreek to britannia and realized we were getting low on gas, we took a chance on this snow covered trail. it all worked out great

riding snow is skurry


Saturday, March 26, 2011


Hey home girls, the Monroe swap is tomorrow morning. I am leaving tonight so i can get searched at the boarder with plenty of time to make it to the swap. Dean was saying that this swap is good, or i remember him saying something around those lines. Not a ton of Jap stuff, but if you like American shit, i think your in business.
Here is some
Get your green back before you head into freedom land, because it ain't a debit friendly zone.
Could not get the flyer to's 9am-3pm, and it's 230 km from Van Shitty.
 Myke rock Tank..

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Y Spread...

Ashley, pulling the old spread eagle. "Spanning the river with his spread" Lisa G. I washed my T today, it felt wrong, kinda wrong? Clean dirt bike?
I need to post this list of parts that my T needs, it's looking pretty rough, but it always starts! Xoxo XT. TL

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Me and Beau a few years ago, trying to fix Lisa's 350 honda. A year before this photo was taken, me and Lisa had tried to take a trip up to Hope. Her motor had punched a hole in the piston and shot a massive burst of oil into the pipe, blowing the baffle right through the side of her muffler, and spraying her, me and every car on the highway with oil. The plume of smoke coming from her little 350 was impressive, i couldn't even see her. That was attempt number 1 for this honda. That trip changed course and we later got my friend Dave to fix the motor, new piston..bla bla.

The 350 was back and ready for more action. We were heading towards Hope and Lisa's bike starts popping fuses. After some trouble shooting and hunting every store in Hope, the eve before Canada day, we found some fuses...i think i bought 20, we had used 3 in hope alone. Wires were shorting out, fixed no prob, then her kick stand wanted to fall down when she was cornering...fixed, then her muffler starts to fall apart. The only place open on Canada day was this antique shop and we needed hose clamps. I found one but it was part of this old antique jig saw, and the guy would not sell me just the hose clamp. After buying a 20 dollar hose clamp, and finding some cans we could cut up..........fixed. The next day we made it to a lordco and bought that muffler tape that has a catalyst in it, it's fiberglass tape, and when you start up your bike the heat from the pipes, makes the tape set and it hardens up. It patched a hole about as big as a beer can, i believe we also stuffed an entire pack of steel wool into that exhaust as well.
That 350 always started though, and my old lady packed the kitchen sink, plus some. T.L.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Things havent changed!!

Dace had the family baby shower last night and came home with some photos my mom gave her.
My grampa use to take me on summer fishing trips in the interior (this was 1985 when I was 5), and my uncle always brought a few bikes; a honda trail for the kids.
Im sure if you scroll through previous pages you might find some photos of us doing the same thing, arms on our shoulders, ridding by with a big smile....
Things haven't changed much!!


Manland. Has had its share of rainy day skate-escapes!

I've been home for three days with a stomach flu (sorry I missed the swap; couldn't quite get the toilet on the rack!), and have been starring at my box of "T" parts; and couldn't help think of long weekend rides this summer. Then I realized it's been a year since I've skated under the sun! We've been trapped at Manland!!
I am so excited for the day i strap a skate/sleeping bag and meet up with the team and head for the hills/bowls!!
See ya out there sooner.........

Sunday, March 20, 2011


He won't take it off.  
He told me "Finders Keepers".
I'm fucking mad,
that was my favorite helmet.



If your into it, the Hells Angels are having there swap today at the PNE. $12 buck to get in and doors at 10:00 am. Might be some good stuff....the Night Fighters have a table, and they had some nice stuff packed up in the truck last night.
"When i roll my T my mind is free" - John Denver

Friday, March 18, 2011

Men and Ladies

filthy MC.ers make sure to RSVP!!

It's in the name?

I have been working on that Triumph T100c motor, it's for my wife. Sense my bike was deemed the mind melter, I'm going to call her bike the pussy melter or... the magic bean or onion ring titty's, or T100C with wings/ heavy flow or greasy bean, or bean slicer, or clit lord, leather labia, iron clit, or... sit on it? I'm still working on the name. I did not take any photos of me putting it back together, because it all seemed pretty standard issue. I assembled the crank, new sludge trap, new connecting rod bearings, cleaned all the fuzz off from the polisher and bolted the bottom end back together. The cams that i got ground, came out nice and slipped right in no prob. I did come across one issue, on your intake cam shaft, the end of your cam that is closest to your primary. It is supposed to have a breather disc and spring, thus making it easier for that end of your cam to stay nice and oiled up. When i took my motor apart this little part was missing in action. Before i bolted my cases back up, i bought these parts and checked if the fit for the breather disc and spring and to my surprise, it lifted my cam shaft to high, and would of made it impossible for my timing gears to function.  I did some research and in the T100c, that tail end of the cam shaft is vented and oiled through a hole in the case, as your crank spins and throws oil. I just wanted to share this info with my fellow nerds. I have a T100R motor and it has the breather and spring, and it's a 500 as well, most things are the exact same with both motors... I don't have any photos to go with this post so I'm going to see if i can find you something. TL.
I scrapped the king and Queen and went with this jizz blanket, i added the trim, and have clipons coming in the mail.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

R.I.P. Nate Dogg 1969-2011

Filth Mode and Dr. Dre will be pouring a lil' out for Nate.
Your hooks and rhymes will be missed.
"16 in the clip and 1 in the hole"


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Arrow Ross Moore

Here he is.
born March 13.
Little boy Arrow
Three weeks early.
5.9 pounds
All strapped up ready to do a ride!
First son of the bunch to come!
bk and ARM


The man in this photo just had a little baby boy! Congrats Beau! His sons name is Arrow and is the smallest little human i have ever seen. You are a dad, Will said he gets first dibs on your T, he said you did not text him back..HA
Thought i would show a photo of my baby, 59FL. The day i rolled it out of my truck! Beau your kid is going to be sooooo cool. Lots O love from the FM.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Does it count as a roll?

Ashley attempting to roll on his 1930 DL ~ I'm sure it will be a reality one day, farting that bike down the road, but for the time being he has to play with it in his garage. This rain is the Pitts, I'm so over it I need some sun. Over and out.

Friday, March 11, 2011


It's show and shine time so polish that tird up and make it to this event. As per usual no scrubs, chicken heads, or pennie loaksters. Cool sickles ONLY.

PS. Angels swap is coming up on the 20th..this month, as well the Monroe swap in the states the following Sunday the 27th. Im going to both..T.L.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

"You just bought yourself a sickle"

The Nugget
What can I say, great folk!
It was cold waking up that morning, FMMC

Andrew and Ashley talking about my purchase
Nice ass
Recently I had my 93 dodge cummins stolen, it ended up on pipeline road in Stanley park.  I will just say it must have got a little air and kissed a tree or two.  So I got paid out for it.  The next day I stumbled onto an add for a stock 68 fl full dresser in North West MT.  I called the guy right away to see if he still had it, he said it was still there so I told him i might be coming down to check it out.  I quickly realized I was jumping the gun and that it would not be wise to to blow my dough on an old bagger, or was it?  I let the idea fade away until I had totally forgotten about it.  About two weeks after I had originally called him I decided to file my income taxes, I was in for a surprise, I has getting a healthy chunk back from The Man this year.  The seed had already been plant in my mind, as soon as I could, I called to see if you the bike was still there, it was.  It wasn't more than 36 hours and I was in Wolf D's Yota at 7 PM heading for the boarder.  I brought my little Staffy Clover and some snacks.  We plowed all the way to Bonners Ferry ID, which is about an hour and a bit away from where I was going to buy the bike.  It was about 4 AM when I rolled into this little town just south of Alberta by about an hour.  It was minus 5 I think, so I found a parking lot and laid down on the bench seat with the Nugget and we slept until 7 AM.  I grabbed a bite to eat and a coffee and then asked the lady serving me what she knew about Yaak MT?  She said "Well there ain't much up there, you might wanna fuel up here."  So with that information I headed towards the state line.  I eventually had to turn North and head towards what seemed on the map to be no mans land.  The guy didn't give me his address, he just told me the name of the town he lived in.  I was getting close to his place I thought, but I couldn't call him because I hadn't had cell service in about 60 miles.  I stopped at some guys house in Yaak and asked if I could use his phone, he was nice enough to let me do so.  I call Mike up and tell him I am in Yaak, he tells me he just lives 5 houses up.  I realized when i got to his house that 5 houses up was over a mile.  The roads were covered in snow and so was everything else, it was a nice place with barely anyone to bug you.  I pulled into the driveway and it was just how you would imagine it to be, the guy had a gravy beard, he had a huge old garage and lots of old junk.  So he takes me in the garage and shows me the bike, I instantly fall in love with it, it's totally O.G. except for a few small things.  It even has a stock cigarette lighter on the dash.  Stored away he has everything the bike came with, pogo seat, wind screen, fiberglass bags (all 3) and he had a bunch of other extras around.  After we got it going we went in tot he house and he introduced me to his Lady.  They were some great people and knew how to treat a guest in their home, they even let my terrier fly around inside the house.  So we all sat down at the table and started talking price, it wasn't long before we worked out a fair deal.  It was hard to see the old man sign over his old harley, but he was happy to see it go to someone who was very excited about the bike.  I promised him I would change a thing.  He told his Old Lady to roll one up and then we had a beer to celebrate.  After the dealings and the celebrations they invited me and anyone I ride with to come down and stay anytime, no questions asked.  The old man didn't think I would be able to fit the bike and all the parts in the back of the Yota, I told him "I'm not here for a fucking vacation" and so then after a few attempts and a few tumbles on the ice the 68 was loaded and I was strapping it down.  I said my good bye's  and told them I would be back sometime or another.  I was running on little sleep but I was feeling great, I chugged along back towards Van at an okay pace, I had some issues at the boarder (of course) and by midnight on Tuesday I was home.  I had been gone for a total of 29 hours.  Well that's the story of how I got the ol' girl home.  It's like riding a super sweet sea cow, I guess that's how I would explain it.  potsandpans

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Drunken piss master?

I bought this bike 2 years ago at the Tawassen swap. Paid my buddy Dean some cash, (fair price) and had a fun Triumph 500 project on my hands. As soon as i bought this bike, i wanted to finish it on the cheep, just get it done, learn some shit and get on the road. I tore into this bike and as soon as i did, i wanted to replace parts, up grade parts that the bike came with, really just throw some cash at my bike.
When you start a project you will always spend more money on your bike, then if you were to buy it complete and change certain parts out, but sticking with the basics, wheels, motor, frame. Part of what i love about working on old bikes is the learning process. Getting your hands dirty, opening up a manual and taking shit apart. Having tons of zip lock plastic bags all labeled with little nuts and bolts, with random notes scribbled on little pieces of paper and thrown into the same bags, to become saturated with oil. Some hobbies are cheep, and working on old motorcycle shit is one of those hobbies that ain't.  For myself, my hobbies are worth every penny. Throwing cash at a project will always be a blast. When i started this bike up, a year after buying it, and heard it come to life. Tears did come, but from the wind in my face rolling on my bike!
Good Times Bro!!! ...T.L....

Sunday, March 6, 2011


This is a shot of Ashleys bike when he put it back together and had got his motor back from Gus Shop. I believe after this photo was taken he doubled me to go get a bit to eat. I wrapped my legs up around his chest and kicked my feet up on the tank. I thought to myself I'm havin a blast, but if i was his old lady, i would have one wet puss. TL.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


My old 71 CB 500, complete with custom seat. I miss this bike. T.L.