Monday, September 26, 2011

everyones a winner.

What a perfect end to another Filthy summer of adventure and bromance: High Noon #3. Darren of the NFMC was the solo/ monoshock winner of the day completeing 9 effortless laps to victory, seen here enjoying a pre race donut. Oren is the best XT rider in the history of all XT riders anywhere, ever. The amateur XT team of raf, bone and mitchi took the twin shock team category: slow and steady. DFL was Stu and skinny pete, who still have a lap to complete. Best pants: chris w, and best overall dressed: Tyler Lepore once again with his Red,White and Blue leather one piece. Hot dogs and club cookies by Atlin. Awesome "LOSER MACHINE" prizes brought by Torie. And a challenging scramble course set up by Bone and Mitchi left many satisfied dirt enthusiasts.

Thanks to everyone who makes this the funnest motorcycle day of the year for us; and our trusty, rusty XTeam.................. Mitchi

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mind if we smoke?

Heres a cool photo off an englishmens blog of "canadian chris" with mitchi running bitch on his now famous 68 elecrta-glide. We rolled in from Kick Start Walters place up in jersey with a crew of so.cals, jerseys and limeys left over from the Gypsy Run. 15 of us splitting lanes into Brooklyn via the Williamsburg bridge with us pulling caboose. Mitchi

Ps.Dont forget the big race on Sunday Sept 25 at the new and degraded location.TBA

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Filthy flat #3, 12:30am friday night

Here is what another typical ride looks like for us these days. Record setting 5 flat repairs one roll. Pictured here is T-manistan using the kickstand lean technique, made famous on the KVR by little Ty.

 Mitch hooties bottom line: two tire iron, both 21 and 18 inch spare tubes, patch kit, hand pump, soap, and a stop watch.  Little Tys under 30 mins is still tops for us amatueres. It has become a ritual of our club to enjoy our flats now as we are prepared. Without endurance you will never win at enduro. Mitchie

ps. high noon scramble has a new location; even dirtier than before.............over a car, kicker to drywall, shantytown whoops, and more.  Sunday September 25th

Monday, September 12, 2011

mitchies 911 birthday "twin tires"

things got off to a rough start, ol'dirty curt and tory try to figure out how to fix three holes with two patches. it was going to be a long night and still had to ride 100 km to spence's bridge. 

this is the birthday boyz sleeping spot on night one.

we had a second flat on torman's bike, we loaded his gear and wheel on mitchies bike and he rode 2 up with jah bon....oh ya then 2 of 4 of us ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere. curt and bone made a fun for gas leaving the other two of the group the bake in the sun. picturing cuba and mexico they said

lilT tried to ride to china

lilT not only caught this beauty but invented the "module"for storing fish in ice with handy roadside supplies. This was his present for mitchie

flat tires 4 and 5 happened on the same day in ashcroft. 

mitchie up on one
dudes got wild and had a blast, ashcroft is great camping and riding. surf it climb it and air it.
the flirt, fatty to flatty

dudes chill hard!

someone says nasa did a bunch of testing in this lake. we did some aqua poop testing (not pictured)

the view on our camping spot.

we came back down the duffy.


bone w/ lilT

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Gypsy Run 5

Back in Jersey after a great time with great people. The camp sites for both nights were the cats ass. I rode chase truck, my bike needs some fixing. It turned out to be a blast anyway. I got to ride a super sweet and fast heritage soft tail today. Going to tear into my bike tomorrow. Couldn't be any better place to break down. Staying in Walters basement with handful of other dudes. Saw some great bikes and expect to see more during the week.
Can't wait to see Mitchy here soon. So tired, must sleep.


Friday, September 9, 2011

A fire side moment is a beautiful thing. You get to have some nice face to face time with your friends, conversate, drink, smoke. I love that camp fire smell your clothing has in the morning, although sometime it makes me want to throw up, depending on what i put in my body the night before. I love collecting wood away from the fire. Especially when the fire has been established for a few hours and it's nice and hot. I like looking back from the woods and being surrounded by nothing but black and stars. I find it to be a gauge on how fucked up you are. Your eyes have been looking at this nice bright light for the last hour or so, and then you wonder them into the black canopy of the forest, searching and stumbling and collecting. Depending on how far you have wandered, you are asking your senses to come back to life and work. Find me that nice dry stick in the dead of night, keep me up right over these logs and rock. But the beauty i find in all of this is the adventure, you are all alone in black, separated from your group for just long enough to have a moment for yourself. Looking up at the starts, listening to the forest make sounds, and then walking back into what you might of missed, a joke, a great story, a serious moment, a hit off the J, a swig off the bottle. This is a moment i often have when i go camping and i really miss it. TL

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


hell o all!
Few of us are heading up early Friday morning to get a some fishing in.
We are going to be on the shouldering dirt rode beside hwy 1 N.E. of Spences Bridge, bunch of people have been there before.
For the few who are heading up after work, and want to make it to Spences Bridge, we will leave a note on the gate, how far down the rode we have camp set up.
No fire ban this weekend boys!!

 Hope to see you Friday night, and if not we'll wait on the dirt rode until to you guys roll up.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

TL and potts updates.........

Tyler came by the house today for a beer, his truck is full of temper glass panels for his place on the sunshine coast. My airstream trailer is in " the dopest spot ever" , and Ty has been living on the property milling wood and salvaging supplies. He is working hard with his brothers and uncle during the day and smoking weed and building models of the post and beam cabin  at night. Looks super dope.  Gus finally started on the bottom end of Tylers :"MANs PAN"  for born free 4, where the rabbit wins raddest dude ever. Chris phoned from halifax and told me about what "freedom" is about.  Atlin came home, and Potts is headed for the Gypsy Run party thursday. Another 500 miles then a few days to kill then off to New York, for the Invitational Sept17. See you in Brooklyn buddy(seat). .......Mitchi

Ps.I will see you filthy bastards in Boston Bar friday night.wd


calling all riders! we are doing another ashcroft roll and there are two waves of people leaving at different times. One group is leaving friday morning featuring lil ty and beau and a later wave leaving after work friday featuring jbone tory and some other cats.

we will be taking the back road from spences bridge to ashcroft. we will be meeting up in boston bar.
LETS ROLL!-----jbone

Monday, September 5, 2011

Tofino for two?

Matte Black and i rolled out to visit our old flipflop chainsaw wildman: J.P from north chesterman. We were invited up for the opening party for the superdad adventure playground. 30 kids and a keg showed up.

                                                                   water tight mini......Sk8lite, sand filled coping, tarpaper, sprayfoam, well oiled and finished. 
Tire swing, two swing set, tight rope, two slides, trampoline, hot tub etc.....................
.mitchi : Ps. fuck the ferries.