Saturday, June 22, 2013

Westside Story

All Praise the DIRT

Headed out of vancouver after 9 rolling 5 deep, jonny, mattblack, jahbon, craig and bradley. We went out the 1 and over to Mission, where we bumped into Curt the flirt. And it was now a ROLL! We had Caesars and lunch at the Sasquatch and headed into the bush. I remember the road being rougher in past years but it is still a really fun ride

The road is up and down but there are lots of spots to take a break. The Weaver creek road runs on the west side of Harrison lake and is often closed due to washouts in the spring. There are some big hill climbs with "babyheads" and 4-5 river crossings.

We spent the night at the Sloquett hot springs camp site where we had neighbors who's first words were "you guys do ketamine". we cooked food and Matt's grilled cheese sausage mini sannies killed it.

so bad ass! 

ODD....Its alive.....kinda

The Resurrection of Ol Dirty Donkey dick

East side harrison

Leaving for Harrison lake and my back wheel starts speed whobbling and next thing i know i am doing improv flat tracker impressions at 80kmh. KEEP THE FRONT WHEEL ROLLING! Flat rear and No irons, pump, tube, glue....we had patches though. I hollered at LT cause he lurks out there and knows the spots. He hooked us up with Kirky and we got scooped up and got irons and a tube and co2 blasters.

My flat was caused by broken spokes in my rear wheel which were removed. I did a 40 minute tire change and though i didn't beat the tire change record set by LT of 30 minutes, but its still a  respectable trail time.

Spots were trashed, people dont know that plastic burns. burn that shit