Tuesday, April 24, 2012

we have started putting out tents in awkward spots.

road kill bill, new sheepskin! bone's bones

Bone couldn't get in his tent by just standing on his bike so bone used a nearby geodesic dome


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tyler to the power of 2.

T squared is world domination. These Tylers created these two wild styles bikes at the same time, only miles apart and having never met until Born Free 2 at Long Beach. Lepore and i took the executive jet, while a crew of canadians pounded down the I-5.  WOW, that sportys got BC plates dude? Blasting us both. Cool bike, cool guy.......

Fucking awesome sporty and a radical trumper; both bikes have: pipes to die for, killer girders, wacky pull backs and Myk Rock paint. These two tylers stole the show at the NFmc parking lot party.

Ps. thanks NFmc for hospitality and the "worst bike" award....68 garbage truck wins again
----------Mitchi the queen bear

FM season opener; May 5......

I heard the pounding thumper of a WFO XT 500 off in the distance, Potts and i are wall panelling and putting some finishing touches on the "T"-Unit workshop. He stops the saw for a second, and a orange dessert tanked Reganasaurus Rex stops by with his new case savers hes made, <get one or pay the price>
But I can still hear the original thumping echoe getting closer..............Brockzilla- "season opener?"
There are now the two Orangest Ts in the hood, parked right out front of T-Unit. What a sight, Mitchi is fucking stoked..............
The freshman crop is rolling hard, and looking damn good doing it.
Trail ready, packed up and party time..........May 5.....  \
Tell those baby moms, "dirt first " baby
 Lunch at the Sasquach, followed by a liesure tour of Chehalis and Harrison Lakes and finish off with a relaxing dip in the SLOQUET hot springs. Warm those little toes......hot coco and campfire stories will ensue
 ----Mitchi , announcing the "First Blood"

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Purp 200

This is Atlin, she is our one and only female member.
she rides a 1976 Yamaha CS3 200 spray chromed by T.K.M.  
it's a clean bike, but Atty knows how to roll dirty, with just enough filth.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


I forgot to post this up....NFMC are having a show and shine today, brew and bands? Maby? I know there is brew! Come out and show off your rusty shit pile or your chrome dome chop! It started about an hour ago, so if your going to go, you should just go get on your bike and go there! Clark and Francis, up Francis a bit on the left, can't miss it! TL

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Bro's and Ho's, as all of you know I have been working on these 2 different front ends now for a while. I have been keeping all of you on the edge of your seat and now is the time to show you the goods. What front end you you prefer??? I am curious what people think, hit me with a gay comment, I want to know your thoughts. I know what front end I am going to use but just wanted to hear some blab from the peaunt gallery.



Let me know what you think?
Here are a few random shots of some fish tail pipes I made last night. I took some old rusty pipe (my signature move) sand blasted her so I could get a weld to hold, then cut the ears and tabs off of some crappy upper fork shrouds, then flipped them and boogered them onto some home made fish tail tips that I bought at Monroe for 10 bones 2 years ago. And bam, el tappered fish tizzy! As always, more clean up needed.  TL

Monday, April 9, 2012

squamish valley road 77 xt jamburie for three

we poured so much gas on this fire

pete 77 XT500 stock as a motherfucker

Bone's 77 xt500 ol' dirty donkey dick

Brocks 77 xt500 space tank

bone provides and abides

Brock looking totally computer generated and kinda fat

the morning after

looked at buying this boat....think imma pass, keeps fouling plugs

peeps who role with the filthy friends is a friend of a friend

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Time

I like those trumpet mufflers, and that rear avon is killer. I love the look of pre units, they always look so well balanced and the design of the motor and trans looks so great together. T

Friday, April 6, 2012


Have been working on my front end for the last few days, maby a week now. Had to buy all new bushings and seals from British Bend Over. The lowers I turned down on the lathe, had sat for so long with rust water inside of them that the lower part of the leg was a smaller ID then the top. I had to make all these shitty hone tools by welding on 1/4 in rod to a bunch of flap wheels and wire wheels that I got from KMS. They look realy stupid but did did the job. I started to notice where the tabs on the fork lowers has been welded on was were the bushings would hang up. The bushings would fit the top of the fork leg fine and then just hit a wall. The lower legs were so effected by rust that they had penetrated the legs more where the welds were, so after honing for a long long time,  I got all that rust out and had it to where the bushing was smothe up and down. Getting the old fork seals out of the fork cups was fun, I had to go at it with a center punch until the seal was just mashed to hell, still would not move. I had to cut the edge of the seal with a dremel tool to break the seal casing and then heat it up and booya it came out. All the tubes and lowers I had were so miss matched, that some had different dampening cones in the bottom, bushings seazed, tons of rust. I have been hunched over the parts washer for a week. But made some progress yesterday. 7 over tubes cleaned and assembled, with shaved lowers and new seals and bushings ready for chrome. And another set of stock tubes, to chrome lowers, I left all the tabs on, new bushings, seals, and clean as as a whissle. I had to make that fork tool as well for un-screwing the sleeve that threads on to your lower legs. Any how, more photos to come..We had a meeting on Monday, was sweet, yelling, shots, weeds, and someone brought a baby!
Rolls to come, party time, camping, easy style! T