Monday, August 22, 2011


This is a ride from squamish to the top of the Indian arm. I woke up the day of the ride to find out some dick stole my gas cap. i thought i wouldn't be able to roll but thanks to tory's tinfoil ball wrapped around a breather tube stuffed in there i was good to go!

beau up a creek

and across another creek

just passing through

my bike felt so soft in the back end, i kept asking people if they were bottoming out and realized i was riding on one rear shock, nothing a little tie wire can't fix

This stuff was so slippery

vvvvvrroooooom with a view......get it?

and he saved the beer! 

i'm not going to lie, most of us really struggled on this obstacle

poppa filthy almost made it up with no help. 

sneak attack!

finding the line

reagsy post headdive!

reagen planing 

got excited after we fixed my shock

tory battling the lake monster

willy blasting at the river crossing to steep hill climb

photos by LT

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Rolling Strong

Just made it to Toronto with Atty on the back!
Having some lunch here in the DT then on to MTL this afternoon to stay at my buddy Mike's house.
Been crushing miles on the open highway, had a few rugged days and some hard nights sleeping next to the shovel.
Have fun today going deep!  Those who ride decide!!!!!
Also my buddy Mike is going to roll back to nova scotia beside me on his Harley, going to be nice heading to the homeland with a good friend.

Will post photo's of the adventure when I get situated back in Nova Scotia.



Saturday, August 20, 2011

Go deep or go home......

Mitchi is super stoked for tomorrows roll to the wigwam inn from squamish. Oh by the way: Chris has made it to Detroit. Where he is visiting Atlin at my aunts house. Then onto Halifax. He is considering going to Brooklyn invitational bike show sept.17. on his way home. The old garbage truck is running strong and only leaking a normal trouble head amount, don't rev it.............See you int the morning for a

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Big ride in the works

The Bone has some vacation time banked and wants to do a 7-10 day roll. Bone was thinking mid to late september and bone wants to go to Nelson or even a ride as far as Jasper to ride through the rockies. Bone would love to roll with as many Fithy Motorcycle Friends as possible and all are welcome. It would be alot of camping, fishing, dirt, small town hangs and all around adventure.

  Let a Bone know

new kids on the block

 Little ty is a rager who rides a brown trout
Tory rides dirty and is always working on bikes at his place



this one goes out to all the ladies! ENJOY


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"go deep" trail run this sunday

calling all dirt riders, SUNDAY......we will be doing a roll from behind the chief in squamish up and over to the indian arm and the famous wigwam inn. a short hike to the granite falls and hopefully some guided bird watching and scrambling. Leave the babes and babies behind, and pack a lunch with beverages. We will be meeting at the Galliano coffee in Brittania at 10am for espressos, followed by a lovely day on the trail. Directions: Turn right after the cheif onto Mac Blo logging road, straight from there..........

Motorcycle Friends

Not much blog action as of late, we have all been working on our motto....."DIRT FIRST".....although lots of our memers have been hitting the pavement as of late, thus breaking our club motto "THOSE WHO RIDE DECIDE".......and we did decide .......dirt should be our main vain. More big changes going on in the circle of filth....i think we have changed out club name to FILTH MODE MOTORCYCLE FRIENDS FOREVER. So again that is FMMFF. (take note)

Hey Norm, check my screen saver, samsung fliper model, up for a sapce phone.

I got this gem at the Monroe swap, fixed the pull cord, then said fuck it and drove her to the dump on Marine, gave her a nice big toss, the guy at the dump said...."gas in that thing"? I said yep and drove off. One mans gem another mans poop.
Im coming to the shitty tomorrow, hastings session?

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Long road home for potts.......

All east coasters must one day travel home, some by car, plane or other........
or in our case: the RUSTORATION of a 1968 Electric Glide Touring edition in COP black and white.

Chris left for halifax on monday morning at 6:30am  as I was heading to N.V. for another boring ass construction job. I wish him a "god speed black empirer" and he was on his way via I90 through america. 6200km one way, and he is trying to do it in 5 days....................Fuck i wish i was rolling: Mitchi.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Filth at Disaster Daze pt.1

Disaster Daze 2011 partial update:

- JC sold his 350 blue flame minutes after mitchy told him you need a vagina to roll it. Any filthy dog out there who's got a rough english bike for my pops - drop me a line.


 Bone's Flagship Tee representing the filthy banner

More XT's!!!!!