Thursday, May 31, 2012

Cat Spray Calzone...

Chrome to my dome, just paid a small fortune today at Dependable Plating. And when I say small fortune, I mean it. Shit looks real good though, this cloud is going to have a shit filling, with a chrome outer. I bought a dozen donuts from duffins yesterday. I miss the old one on 37th!
Peep my chrome shits dogs...

Any body want to take a guess$?


You can tell he didn't find what he was looking by the bouncing helmet to the left.
Love that guy.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Intersting style

Drove to southlands today in Vancouver, had to do a pile driving job in the north arm of the Fraser river. Me my bro and Willie. I showed up early, parked my truck that now has a leak in gas tank and broken windshield wipers. I get hit with the feeling, " I need to take a shit"... I look around and it's not looking good. I notice a walking path and head out with some old insurance papers. The path followed the bend of the river, and I decide on a steep entrance, with promising coverage. I make my way down the bank, the mud covering the rocks is so slick I lose my footing and slide around in a nervous fashion as the poo is letting me know it's time. I squat down in a shitty spot, defeated by the rocks and slime. I notice a craine walking in the reeds, and birds flying over my head. I just like how you can end up in such interesting places. I wiped with the help of icbc, and my day of pile driving was in full swing.
Chrome should be done tomorrow...I hope. TL
Shread session, a few years back..

Sunday, May 27, 2012


The Whip, just off of Main st on I think it's 5th, is having a show and shine today. Bad timing for  the weather to crap out but I think the sun is supposed to shine later today.

Ultimate burn out, front and rear tire....same time

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

freedom cloud care bear rider............

This shit is really happening, T.L is HARD at work on the "rider", we took a little ride out to tomahawk in NV last weekend and got some wind in the toes...........Born Free june 30,  "lots of grinding to my fucking dome, and how much on chrome?!".TL .. TKM motorhome from hell direct to the heavens

Ps. Disaster Dayz August 25 at T.L's Freedom Ranch on the sunshine coast.

Pps. Coming at you Myk

Saturday, May 19, 2012


As shit is clouding my mind in the form of grinder dust, I take a moment and realize I am inside a shit cloud, the sun is shining out side and I am welding and grinding all day. All work and no food make me one strange human. I decided that the front end needed some sprucing up, so I thought how rad a wind screen would make the bike. Kind of baby bagger meets acid, so I thought one wind screen is cool but 2 is fucked up. So I went with 2. Double wind screen, here are a few pics. Also made some rabbit ears with some fancy shit in the middle, Im diggin em!!!
 Banana template
 Nanner plus screen mocker
 Tapped my top tree for 1/4 bolts, and made those cute tabs
 Upper wind screen support mounts off the front dog bone bolt.
 Tacked in place....
 How she is was looking this morn...

 Top view..
 Full frontal..
Here she is so far, I finished most of my welds today, and preped parts for chrome all day, not the most fun I have ever had but shit need to get done. Heading off to Myk soon for paint and Dependable Plating for chrome. TL

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tweeds blog is amazing, read up about his trip --------->>>>>

click the link "Tweeds Shit" Go Tweed

I also have lots of good pictures to post

Pots and Pans

If you drill through your "oil in frame" frame, then call me.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Friend clubs!

At the end of the days ; its about us! Just us.  I got tons of stupid bike pics but dump em in the bin, but its the buddy pics that warm my black heart.........

i get by with a little help from my friends, i get high yell tmrw at this new garage tmrw.
Sharing is caring!

DIRT, its what we all seek, we ride XT but we are all unique. We love that survivor shit. Garbage pan is coming.....
Two legendary characters: Tizzle the Shizzle and the TKM. Eye ball buff, wear those face sheilds bro

see y'all at matte blacks.....mitchi

Ram Ron NOT for sale

Been hard at work custum fabricating on the old ramron when the Gus built knuckle chopper deal came about. My super sister stoked mitchi with some family loan $$$$$ to buy Ernie O.'s 1942 Knucklehead chopper built by gus from 75 until the mid 80s show bike scene. Less than a 100 miles since 88inched and dual carbed. This bike , the lawyers knuckle and the Alien drag bike.....Gus's best three bikes!!!
  Its been an emotional week from counting the cash with an 81 year old grandma, to hours of rustoration CLR the chrome, lots of chrome!!!! This bike was sent from the evil lord, mitchi sold his soul for this knuck, now i polish on my hands and knees til my fingers bleed.....but the old ramron feels so good. Garbage Truck 68 electraglide goes back to potts and sis, keeping RamRon as daily driver and show the Gus knuck on weekends...........all my dope chopper shits for sale now:::::::btw:
     the 42 chop hasnt surfaced in 25 years, Gus was killer stoked:" its band new". As is the day it was completed, carbs werent even sorted out, dual tills bro. Stroked GUS dual carb 88 inch knucklehead::::fuck yeah!!!!!!

      Gus found Ernies original tank at the clubhouse and so we took the knuck to james st. and got a couple picks with original tanks on it. One time shot coming up photoshoot with O.G.H.A..vts.////////mitchi/////////

The 2012 season opener to sloquet hot springs. 
we had an impressive line-up of yamaha xt500s at the sasquatch. i think we made some of the chopper dudes nervous. 

when you roll 11 deep there is always someone to wait for or a bike in need of repair.

special shout out goes to Thomas for riding this tough trail with no rear brake. most people would have turned back but not him.
yeh buddy!

So the monthly filthy meeting is at Matt's garage, alley entrance. it was going to be last monday but it got pushed back to tomorrow monday....should start with the yelling around 8.


Saturday, May 12, 2012


It's the weekend!! Yea!! I want someone to post up some shots of the season opener.....please...I'm would love to see some pics, I saw 11 dudes leaving Vancouver and no pics, Bone work your magic. I made some bars for the Shit cloud yesterday, thanks to Pottie for being my muscle behind the pipe bender. The 7/8 tubing I got was thick wall and totally overkill, but no match for Pottie. I came up with some simple rabbit ears, and am going to fill in the middle with some 1/4 in rod, so my bars match my rear sissy. Will post some photos soon.
**** HELP**** I need any old windscreen's people have. Don't need the hardware but I do want that old yellowed up plastic, and any trim, any gauge! I am going to make a custom windscreen for my bars and I want it to look old, If you guys have any old broken chunks of screen or a full screen please let me know! Thanks TL.
This was Born Free last year, a buch of great bikes were out!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ty, we are all looking for your bike, wishing you the best to bring home the Brown Trout!

Mike Davis just posted up this video that my buddy Jeff Twa made for Born Free 4, you can see it here write a comment about about how I talk like a nerd, pass it onto some friends. The show is June 30th! I need to take some more pics, here are a few old ones.. TL

Monday, May 7, 2012

Chief Brown Trout is Missing

Little's Ty's 77' XT was stolen from his drivewayYesterday in Maple Ridge.  His T might not look like the best bike, but to him it's his second baby.  He has put a lot of love into that bike and is bummed to the Max that someone would be so shitty and steal his bike.  Anyone who knows LT understands how much that bike means to him, also for those who know LT, know how rad of a dude he is.  So spread the word and the photo's and hopefully together we can get his T back to him safe and sound!  If you see the bike just call the COPS, he has reported it stolen.

The bike is hard to miss with the works shocks, grey dessert tank, super trapp exhaust and a baby.

Also notice the duck tape special on the seat and the wear on the right hand case.

Sunday, May 6, 2012


I am missing the season opener to keep working on the shit cloud rider for born free. I am going against everything I stand for "DIRT FIRST" right now I'm on a deadline so it's pavement first till June 30th. I have not posted a progress shot in a while of my bike, lots of changes and it's finally starting to look like a bike.
I know most bikes at the show are just going to be shined to the tits and have all this show chrome, go fast kinda look to them, and sense I am doing a 500 triumph, I don't really land in that go fast category. When I started building this bike, I had 2 bikes that really blew my mind and gave me a lot of inspiration, the GRASSHOPPER pre unit triumph, great machine, flanders apes, mcm fork covers, has such a great tough stance. And the second bike is a yellow knuck that I saw when I was reading, Soul on Bikes, a book about the East Bay Dragons MC club from Oakland. This bike is soooo fucking bad ass, there is no caption, the glossary just said "east bay biker".
So with some direction I set out making my 1970 T100C Triumph. I wanted the bike to look very stock, even after heavy mods to the rear section. It also wanted the bike to ride 2 up, because taking your old lady out for a rip is always a good time.  So the bike is now coming together, I'm going to run a wind screen and just made this back rest/ sissy yesterday. It's starting to look like a tough, mini bagger. The rear sissy looks like it could of came off  a virago, but it just has a hint more style. I love it, from the side it kind of looks like a luggage rack, and from the back with the fish tail pipes, it screams, look at me wrong and I will slit your throat.
Here is a posse shot of the crew yesterday, and a few photos of what I did with the rest of my day.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Season opener!

Calling all dirt riderers, the plan is as follows: 9:30am at JJ on Powell st and Commercial. Roll out #7 to Sasquatch for lunch, then up to Sloquet hot springs. Jerry cans and snack food will be required. We will return from Sloquet via Chehalis lake? And back to the 'squatch for lunch again Sunday afternoon. Hope to see you there, am

Wednesday, May 2, 2012


This is Queen Bear and Andrew, at our swap table I beleive 4 years ago. I got back from Mexico on Friday at about 1am, went to sleep at 2:30 and got up at 5am to drive to Skadget for a swap meet. Me Ash and Tj drove down together, got a few gems and some junk. Tx Dennis, a buddy from Seattle sent Ash a text at about 9 am, it said missed you at the swap. Dennis had been at the swap in the morning, prob like 6am or some shit, and sent Ashley a photo of his van filled with all the good shit that he got at the swap. I was wondering where all the good shit TX's van. So the moral of the story is the early bird get the worm. Twassen (fuck the spelling) was cool, always cool to see the bro's, got a few things, nothing I needed but hey. Ashley took home the kitchen sink plus the bath tub. When a deal is spotted, can the man say no? He got some good scores, an Ariel modified springer front end for cheep, and the usual truck load of rubber. Atlin made a bunch of filthmode cookies and cleaned up as usual. Pot's got a nice straight leg HD frame, Thomas sold his heritage springer front end for a good price and Andrew seemed to be selling parts non stop. Matt sold some old triumph shit amd some XT-T shirts that fucking rule, if you don't have one yet buy one! Goth was in the house, Blurt was selling his custom seat talent, and the day flew by. Fuck you E bay swap meets are the best!