Friday, December 30, 2011


I stayed up late last night and made this video out of random moto action. It mostly was filmed this year


Wednesday, December 28, 2011


Samo had been working on a " rider of the year kinda trophy" or maby it's more about just outstanding effort in a riding season. What ever it embodies it's filthy! Potty is out of town at the moment, but we thought it would be a good idea to get the crew together (non official meeting) and present Potty with this trophy for out standing filthyizm. We all decided that this one of a kind filthy trophy, will stay within our filthy kingdom and be passed on at the end of each season. The back side of this work of art, will also have a plaque that has the riders name and type of award that has been bestowed.The filthy trophy also has a felt base( not pictured in the photos).
For the record the Bone was in close competition for this gem, but Chris being a new member and really pounding the km's to Ny and beyond, just squeezed by the Bone.
Presenting: Hootie, Sam one, Beauder, La pep, Goth
Mitch Hootie man's up and shows the shaved chest at last. I love the nobby tire, Hootie only rolls quality rubber and it shows. And our main motto: DIRT FIRST!
Not Pictured: Matte Black, Blurtis, Bone, Little Ty, Jeff C, Danamal, Thomas, El prez, Potty.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

x-mas to us

Self serve in the kitchen
Danimal and i realized a life long dream of my father : Jimmy......He gave this to us as an early inheritance of sorts, It was ten wide, but we were only able to restore 3 original spouts........enjoy your hellidays. m-h

Puerto Rico

Even Chuckie loves rad rides and X-mas (Weird/Cool)

No Sickles, but this graveyard was mind blowing.

Merry Christmas all you Filthy Bastards.  I have been keeping my eyes peeled for cool bikes down here, no dice though.  Been having a time with Atty.  Now in rainforest.  Apparently there will be a friend of the family coming by today, I am told he has done some serious two wheel touring, mostly though Asia.  Can't wait to exchange stories.  I miss the puppies.


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Sweet rig and a couple of shovels.

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Heres Ty and his mom Torie, with our setup. A week in USA, Mooneyes, David Mann, mom visit, then Portland, Seattle. The "Mind Melter" is inside the Airstream. Two shovels in the truck and a triumph in the trailer. 70 MPH cruise control all day in the big cummins TD...........mitchi

Potts's Garbage truck in the back of his Ram truck...Potts's trucks.

"Lets burn gas and rip beers".K.S.

This video is from Angles Crest Hwy #2 east of LA, blasting up this endless canyon road. 

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Friday, December 23, 2011

MANN UP!!!!!

Mitch-Hooties number one shovelhead from the David Mann show in Ventura. It had hundreds of pieces of flair, and lots of booger welded repairs. It smelled amazing and had character. Check the pipe through tourpak fiberglass.


Stole this image from the JJ? maby another site..forgot..diggin it.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

T100 Rear hoop

Decided to hack up my Triumph rear hoop and see if i could make it fit this old, bates tt style seat I had. I have always really liked this Triumph called the Grasshopper. It's a green Triumph pre unit with a bates tt seat, but the rear loop had been bent up into a sissybar/ passenger back rest. It's just a real nice touch and i wanted to elaborate on the idea. The frame for my bike is very narrow, and the rear loop really is alot wider then i would like. The tire has to travel up and down with the singarm, and at the same time, not bottom out on the underside of your seat, as well as not hitting things like your battery box and oil bag. I'm sure i will run into these problems down the road but for now, i just wanted to focus on making my frame fit my seat. I went at the rear shock mounts with a torch, melted the brazing away and separated the top loop from the downward support struts, that hold my swingarm in place. I need my swingarm to  land through the same holes in the frame as well as line up with the two outer support struts. The top of the shocks land on these, as well as the passenger foot peg mounts.
I took some flat stock and braced the support struts, so things would stay in place.
Next was a trip to metal supermarket, to get some 7/8 thick wall tubing. Trevor helped me get set up on hausfield pipe bender and i started making bends in pairs. We don't have a feed along die, for long radius bends, so i had to make a good amount of cuts and miters.
Tacked it all together, sides and rear loop, then tig welded it up...
Trying to figure out how I'm going to mount the new hoop to front frame loop????
Get a fucking grip!! Gettin the rear hoop straight, and doing some tack welds, just trying to line it all up, so it looks good and rides good! The seat looks real good on the new hoop, but i have to do a few more things before I'm at that stage. That's a week of work .......TL

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

On the subject of mathmatics

As Mitchi accounted tales of motorcycle math wizards; I too have been bestowed upon me some linear graph calculations...


Monday, December 19, 2011

Filth mode puppy madness forever.....FMPMF

We are happy to announce Clovers first kick at the can, She is the best mom ever. 6 Healthy Stafordshire Bull terriers, 3 boys and 3 girls. Come by the compound sometime during the holidays for:  
  "" some puppy snuggles and cocktails "".........Mitchi

Sunday, December 18, 2011

T100C swing arm

I have been working on this T100C motor and frame for a while now, made some progress this weekend.
I want to run a Harley drop center 16" rim, in a Triumph 500cc swing arm frame. I de-laced an 18" Triumph wheel, to use the hub, pressed in new bearings and laced it up to a Harley 16". The swing arm is designed for a 18" wheel and sense the 16" is much wider, it wants to rub on the swing arm when the axle in pushed all the way into the drop out (twards motor) of the swing arm. So after really fucking around for a few days, I had to make some spacers on the lathe. Bring the brake drum away from the hub, as well as space the sprocket that bolts onto the brake drum, in hopes that i will have enough clearance for the chain to not rub on the tire, and the tire to not rub on the swing arm. I had to make all new axle spacers on the lathe, and grind the shoulder off of my brake plate, so it did not hit the bolts that hold on the sprocket. Also when i laced this wheel, i had to dish the wheel away from the chain as much as possible. With all of this finished, i was still having clearance problems with my tire and swingarm. I just needed a 1/4 " so i cut into my swing arm today.

Sharpie, zip disc, flap wheel, then made a paper template, made a mini surf board out of 1/8" and tacked it on about 1" apart. I tig welded it up and did not get a photo, before i cleaned it up with the grinder, but it came out sweet!
Fun times....TL.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

David Mann

Ashley yelling.....will a knuckle ever be his!! I say yes, will just have to sell your house!
Rollie's goose neck pan with regular fuel tank and reserve located at the rear. Me and Ashley always buy shit off of Rollie. He is a old school choppper guy that lives in Northern California. He said next time we come down, we should stop by.
This old ford was running off of propane, and the gentleman was a Vietnam vet. He tried to sell Ashley a samurai sword and cornered me for a good 20 minutes, talking about dope in Canada, billy clubs, and fuel economy. I bought a Swedish para military back pack off of him, for enduro trips.
That knuckle was insane, looked like it had never been fired, duel linkert carbs, chrome everywhere, I think it won best knuckle. The wild triumph won best paint, and in person it did look really far out. I watched the owner start his bike up at the end of the show and we was a older guy, really did not fit the look of his bike, which made me like the bike and his paint job even more.
The knuckle on the bottom was so nice, no real shiney shit, just real clean, nice sissy bar and really liked the tank.
Good times TL.

Friday, December 16, 2011

California, how i miss you!

Moon Eyes was cool, loud, good people watching, lots of face tattoos and bigger people. Thanks to Matt at DICE for getting us in for free and taking us around.
We did grab the garbage truck for Chris, and stayed at his friends place in Culver City. JD put us up and made us breakfast, stand up guy!!! From Moon, we got lost on the 405 and went 40 miles the wrong direction. We ended up a few blocks from the street chopper release party, at a bar called the HOOK UP, cool bar, the owner is putting this insane trike times. Then it was a stop with our Canadian friend Kegan, and a great ride up Angle's Crest mountain, mexican food and beers to finish. Sat night was loading the garbage truck and more beers. Sunday was David Mann, and the swap. I bought this wicked springer a tank and some other shit. Trailer life, beers, 28 hours of driving 1 way. A visit with my mom's..xox.. a stop in Portland, more mexican food in Seattle and a bro visit. Ashley has puppys to play with at home and i am going to try to finish another triumph for born free....will post more.TL

Monday, December 12, 2011

Flying Monkey's and a 47 KaahNuckle Project

Mitchy, Ty, JD and Gilby getting weird

I met JD in New York back in September, he helped me out big time.
Looks like the Filth Mode stopped in to check out his shop in Culver City.
Check out JD and the cool things he does.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Davind Mann & Moon

We are California bound, trailer packed, bikes in the back, going to be a cool trip. Mooneyes show on Sat and David Mann on Sun.


Monday, December 5, 2011

Riding the night sky

Thought i heard a knockin, could of been the bottom end talkin, clouds on the brain, pipes on again, lefty still smokin, must be the oil she  tokein, meltin my mind when i hear her talk. Her nice round tires strokin my cock, high pipes talkin in my ear, wind making my eyes drip tears, meltin my mind when i hear her talk. TL