Friday, December 31, 2010

this trip was the definition of endurance. we started at 8 am and arrived at our destination at 2am. at least 14 hours of time sitting on the XT through pemberton to d'arcy then up and over the highline to setton portage to lillooet then down the duffy lake road and out along the logging roads to harrison to the scookumchuck hotsprings. The whole way we were surrounded by raging forest fires in goldbridge and the sky was full of smoke. we road out through harrison across washouts and steep climbs covered with rocks called babies heads. Tory bailed and broke his foot and ashley was hotdogging for curty and went well past 12:oo and yard saled his bike. Jes-man

ashleys ashcroft doodfest

We had many breakdowns and many good times. we left vancouver rolling deep but Andrew broke down right away and went home to get his broke ass enduro. we rode to boston bar and met up with a bunch more dudes in 4X4s and raged at a tucked away camp spot. We watch jeanpaul master a chainsaw in flipflops and board shorts, cutting down two live trees (both just above where my hammock was tied) and we ended up burning all of it. We set up the pentigon and danimal and tystick fought it out ending with a hurt danimal. the next morning andrew tried to just the fire pit and face planted in the dirt. we river rafted and rode to ashcroft where we camped on a riverbed and got naked in a 100 year old tunnel. we came we saw we tripped ballz!----JBONER

Thursday, December 30, 2010

disaster daze!

crow's head


mucho macho

team stream to the beach

sunshine coast

nightfighter brothers

posse up at the swimming whole

tits out birthday girl

tits still out

ashmans mobile caught this towel on fire while riding


out on the open seas, the filth mode pirates came, saw, sprayed, and burned our way to happiness

Wednesday, December 29, 2010


=Ashcroft Roll=
Beauder, rolling with all my gear beacuse Dan the mans bike shit the bed, 20K up this dirt road, so im stuck with the hairy arm photo, and gay sun glasses. Dan that night passes out fire side with no shirt on and a eaten cobb of corn resting on his chest, with all of the corn nubblet spread about, it was fucked. After i took this photo it started to rain, and pissed through Yale, Hope, and into Shit Couver.
T.L. (i will dig up the cobb photo)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

spun my nut

Andrew sitting on his old triumph. Ashley dumped his bike in the river bed, and then noticed that the main nut that holds his drive sprocket on, had stripped it's way off his bike and onto the river bed. We asked Jesus for help.....found the nut, wedged it back on his bike with a rock and a beer can shim, and made it all the way back to Vancouver, you had to be there. T.L.

Friday, December 24, 2010

More 2010 High Noon Scramble

RIP Paddletire

 View this A shot of Ty-stick LARGE

See you next year at the Scramble!

2010 High Noon Scramble

Back in time images of the High Noon Scramble

Nightfighters ruling it
Man in brown
 3 Man Sprints
Fun for the entire family.

More pics can be found here including a wicked jump video clip.

Can you hold it for me?

Craiglist about a year or so ago...i call the guy up and he speaks to me like I'm his son, calling me young man and saying talk is cheep, also spouting off about how many calls he has had about his bike.
I start driving from Vancouver (in Canada) at around noon, after a good hour at the boarder I'm rolling on I5. I have no radio, in a 89 dodge cummins diesel with a very loose steering box and no weather stripping around the doors, so it make this insane whistling sound that is continuous at around 60mph.
The gentleman lived near Wallawalla in Oregon, and after around a 9 hour drive i get to this guys place. I am greeted by about 4 mini pinchers all jumping toward my face and barking full speed. It's pissing rain as we open the garage door, the bike is covered in dust, he moves his bagger out of the way and says, " see the tanks aint purple in person". As he kicks the bike over twice and is cursing home depot, his employer for having to stand on cement floors all day. The battery is dead, i crawl under the bike for a few passes, and all seems to be in good working order.
We head inside and he offers me a brew. He calls me a young man again, yells at his dogs and moves a pile of what looked like rotting bacon off of the table in front of me, so i could use the table top to write a bill of sale. He pipes up again to his dogs and then a big fuck home depot comes out of his mouth. As the topic of old lady...comes up, i head for the door, title in hand. He tells me to send him a photo, but he never gave me his email.
After a long drive a -76 shovel- sits in the back of my truck. I sold this bike to Justin B, and he got one of the Night Fighters to overhaul it for him. The photo above is the bike as i bought it.....good times....enjoy it Justin. T.L.