Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I suck at taking photos, it slows me down to stop and take a photo. I always wish I took more photos but I never seem to. Disaster Daze was a real good time! The vibe was chill, people rolled from far and wide, some nice people and nice bikes. The gate was supposed to open at 4pm, but by around 10 am, we had about 50 bikes rolling down the dird road, setting up tents and preparing for a real good party. I saw lots of family and friends I had not seen in a while, and people were very appreciative of my wife and myself for hosting this event, and the property and patrons who attended were treated with respect. That said the fire burned into the morning, and the booze was still flowing for some around 6am. I got some great sunrise shots of the last drunkerts attempting to finish conversations that were started hours prior. At one point I noticed a buddy of mine hanging out at the fire with just his vest on and no pants buck nakid, I walked up and pinched his ass but he did not notice. I walked away and attempted to get some sleep. I has a good time! Dave and Norm printed out 200 hand bills and those were handed out and gone at the top gate by 9pm, so we estimated we had about 250 to 300 people on the freedom ranch. The bands were great (I took not one photo..lame) Brock and Pete handled the projector and did a fine job. Dennis did a great job with the sound! The premier of the XT video blew my fucking mind...Brock.....amazing...loved every second of it, so impressed!!!! I would like to hear what other people thought of Disaster Daze, feel free to post a comment, and more photos please. I am sure Little Ty has some great pics. Atty, Linda, Chris, Ash, did an amazing job with the food and people were really stoked to have some eats and not have to roll into town. I had a very good time working with Dave and I wanted to say a BIG thank you to all who took the time to help me out, pick some shit up for this event, pick up trash off the ground and helped me clean. I had a few people come up to me and say, "man that was a good fucking party".....it was a real good fucking party!! Ty

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Is this wekend Aug 25th with camping on site, night of event and a Ruby Lake roll to follow on Sunday.
Gate will be open around noon, to drop your tent and camping supplies, you can pick out your spot. Show satrts at 4pm with bands starting shortly after that. Food will be on site, but you may want to head into town first and grab your beverage of choice. Toilets, water, and food will be provided. Filth Mode is doing food, and some drink!!!! Should be very tasty!! Parking will be above the main gate for cars and bikes will be in the main area, beyond the gate. If you are driving or vanning and are planning on camping, we will get you a spot in the main zone. If you are coming for the day to check the show, you will be parked above the cultasack.
Lighting on the site is very limited  (none) at night, so a headlamp is a must, beer coozy, etc. The property is located about 6 km from the ferrie, twards Port Mellon, there will be signs. The flyer is below, hope to see you all there.....FILTH MODE......


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunshine coast warm up.....

We headed for the sunshine coast a week before the DISASTER DAYZ party we are hosting at TLs "Freedom Ranch". The plan was to enduro the shit out the vast terrain the coast offers, and prepare the site a bit for the party. My enduro was going great until i overshot a downhill left and got highsided into a ditch leading with my stupid face. Got my hands up and punched myself in the snozer. A couple of stiches at the ER in Sechelt. (thanks Doc), and a steak dinner at Gilligans pub, and Mitchi heads home early to see a plastic surgeon at VGH. Chicks dig scars and FM rides dirtier than ever. Mitch-hootie

Ps. Check out the new DICE mag, motorpycho insert with me, Gus, and the 42 Knucklehead chop. Thanks Norm


Usual Suspects.....

"Going Deep" or Going Goth, Norton Lake run behind the cheif was supposed to be our big gang banger. Tight crews always seem to roll smoother anyways. Those who ride decide, has always been our motto. Lately its been the usual dirt lovers every weekend that show up, and its " the usual suspects" whose dirt riding is really improving as of late. The unstoppable X-Team know who they, thanks guys. They cant kill us all.......Mitchi

Friday, August 10, 2012


Roll called for tomorrow...SAT MORN....JJ Bean on Powell 9am. Bring your towel and your tampons, going to be a hot one!!!


Was a good time, good party! BIG thanks to TJ and Bret for making that shit happen, had a blast and the roll went off without a hitch! Rich Hope was great and your guys space is looking very slick. The ladies serving the brew as well were very easy on the eyes. FUCK THE MAN!
 Goth Pan.
 Pre ejack.

 Ty's pipes
 line up.
 the man
the better man! TL


Lisa and I took a ride up to Lund last week. We made a stop at this amazing fish and chips place in Roberts Creek. When you hit roberts creek and you are on the hiway, you come to the main stop light for the creek, take a right there and go up the road to the top of the hill 1km or so, place is called Sharkey's. It's a guys garage converted into a fish and chips shack, the best fish and chips I have had ever! We also made a stop in Powell River and stayed the night in the historic hotel in old town. We headed back to the main drag in Powell River, and rode up the hill at the last set of lights in town. We had been given some directions to an Indian food spot at the top of the hill. We pulled in and the place seemed to be closed, we walked in and most of the lights were off and the Indian family that owned this fine establishment were all sitting down to dinner. They seated us and were super nice, and made us some amazing dishes. If you are heading to Powell River any time soon, I sugest a stop for some Indian food!! (amazing) Took a quick rip up to Lund the second day, the road has been re paved and was very nice, except the last 1km or so. They are still working on that section and it was muddy and sloppy, but still fun. Had some coffee and got a bite and hit the road back down through Powell River to the ferrie. The stretch of road after you dock in Edgemont is very fun, nice corners and if your first off you get the road all to your self. We swam in the lakes on the way up, and on the way down just rode and took it easy. Made it to the ferrie in Langdale and had a nice sunset heading over second narrows on the way home.
 Sharkey's fish and chips.
 Motorcycho time.
 Edgmont swim spot, so nice!
 To Powell River.

 Old town hotel
 Indian food spot.

Lund. TL

Friday, August 3, 2012

Time for another meeting.......

Its time for a little club meeting.This time its out at Rafino's Rancho. Slangley here we come.......
PS. Enduro saturday JJ 9am overnight Clear creeek hotspring night dip. homo early sunday RAP GOOFZ pre party at mitchi manor....