Thursday, June 30, 2011

Stood up at prom.

Got home from Born Free, took an extra couple of days off this week to make it nearly three weeks summer holidays for me. What a total blast for a workhorse. Stayed up late getting ready for a roll with another club only find out on the day of that it was an "exclusive" roll.
 I took the Ram Ron out for a "loaded" shakedown to Horseshoe bay for some fish and chips, couple of pints, shed a tear and hammered home on the Low road.
Unloaded, got loaded and ripped the "Trouble"heads off of Potts genshovel. We spent the night talking about how cool it would be to deck his garbage truck out like a COP bike, with foot activated siren, vintage flashing glass, and way cool paint and gold leafing. Elvis Prestly had a shovelhead and loved to impersonate the memphis police in full kit and matching car supplied by local M.P.D.......Pottie for local Sherriff.

 Ram Ron is ready for world destruction..Mitchi WD.

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  1. Bike looks real good with that tank that Myk painted