Wednesday, October 26, 2011

1930 DL project

I have taken the motor to Gus Shop, we have spent my hours figuring out our game plan. Brand new 45 rods and bearings, valves and guides. New stoker pistons from T.O.. fix er up.........Gus built 45. Now heres where it gets a little tricky, the two bolt , 3 speed tranny is a left over from the B, harley single 30incher.. They all broke the same way, i have bought boxes full of broken tranny bits. 80 year old junk.Cleaned up two and a half trannies to try and make one usable; nope. Still only half way on the transmission. Borrowed a BSA preunit 4 speed for a mock up from Rogue.....Got some new bars from a swedish hillclimber. Mitchi

Sunday night.......another club yell at Matte Blacks


  1. hey there is a tranny at bent bike brian has with a 30 v basket motor i seen an extra tranny case too .. just a heads up

  2. hey if you guys are looking for tranny's i know these sweet spot on powell and raymur...