Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Going back to Cali....Biggie Smalls

Tizzle the shizzle for rizzle.......another far out Trump build by Mr Lepore for Born Free 4 June30,
 Everyone should try check this show out.
http://bornfreeshow.blogspot.com/ .
Our last trip to LA for David Mann Chopperfest got the rabbit noticed in the back row with JD from FMF( flyingmonkeyfab).  Mike and Grant were real into the mind melter when we met em at Garage Company where the 69 chopper is being built by Kiyo. The "Shit Cloud Rider " Triumph swingarm 500 will blast em fore sure..........congratulations buddy.

Born Free 4 build, buy tickets for double 69, and go back to cali, m-h.

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  1. "shit cloud rider is going to blast you" Wonder if Curtis could put one of those vibe riders into the seat for me. So when im rolling solo i can get more into my ride?