Saturday, July 7, 2012


I am back from Born Free and it's great to be home. Went to pool 88 today with Mitchi, got some insurance on my XT and I'm feeling the wind in my beard. The show was amazing, amazing bikes, nice people, just a total over load for one day. I only took about 10 photos the entire trip, I was just not in photo mode. My bike was received well, people were digging the double wind screen and some of the custom work I put into my little 500cc trump. I will post some photos of my finished bike in the next day or so.
DISASTER DAYS are coming to the sunshine coast again, and Dave and I have teamed up to host the Disaster. Here is the flyer, I had to take a photo of it off of my computer screen, because my computer is so fucked, so I hope you can read the info. I will send the flyer to my friends who are more "tech on the computer" then myself. I hope lots of people can come out and enjoy, camping on site, bands, and a nice Ruby Lake run. Here is a photo of the flyer...TL
party, boner, fire, boobies, zoomers, lake, chopper, lake....

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