Saturday, September 15, 2012

Return to T Heaven Sept 29/30th One nighter

We must spirit quest back to the motherland and worship our dirty lord Tezus. We shall take a closer look at the gates of T Heaven! Our quest shall take us through the eastern shores of Lake Harrison up and over the mountainous peaks of the Kookipi creek trail, and down to Boston Bar following thine Nahatlatch Forest Service Road. We will battle the highway to Spence's Bridge and then glide through the sands of time to our un earthly destined magic lands of T Heaven. We shall sacrifice our minds, bodies and souls through spells and medicines obtained from beyond. As night turns to day we shall rest just long enough to begin our journey home. We will venture forth through Cache Creek and back on hwy 99 to the land of the natives peoples "the lillooet". We will then travel through roads that will eventually take us to the path of the great Highline that spans the north western shores of lake Anderson. We will be spat from the dirt unto the land of D'Arcy and the roads of mount currie where we then ride our steeds though highways and small villages back to lower earth where we we reside, we shall be welcomed home by our families and friends and tell them tales of hardships and triumphs.

Meet at the usual jj at 9am.
I will be joining from the maple ridge area with my pal "el kirky dangerous".


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