Saturday, December 15, 2012

I-5 and beyond

Its true, me and fuzzy bunny lepore took "white noise"; 87 2.4 Diesel toyota 2WD pickup with the 42Knuck and the Lemon drop BornFree Triumph in the back. AirBags. Couple sunny days of LA,Randys Donuts, Garage company, JDs, Calebs, a Commune Party featuring both bikes at a Ray Gordon photo show. cool party, free beer, Nice downtown LA night mission, up at 6am then the amazing David Mann Choppafest in ventura. Perfect weather, swapmeet, and show n shine. room for three in the yota if anyones wants to go next year. 1200 miles, 51.43 gallons one way to LA. Almost 25 miles to a gallon, if ya dont know, now ya know. mitchi
ps. this is gonna be good, portland and the one show is KILLER!

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