Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Parties are Fun....Let em BREATH2013

Tories supercrazyclean Honda girlfreindbike on display 
Thanks to Clarke & Francis Modified for presenting the "Let em Breathe" motospectalular event. BEER, BABES, BOOZE and BANDS.....classic NFMC and C&F party. Two Towns and Rich Hope rocknroll at the Chapel Arts. Good job Darren and Crew for the show, NorthWest on the comeup. The old 42 Gus Knuck took home a  Kirk Sheppard, hand painted award for "Best Fabrication". Y'all know i got a vice grip and a hammer so its not an award for my handiwork. Id like to thank the original builder of the bike once again: Gus Shop in Surrey. 

Heard a rumor of some XT500 rigids in the works. mitchi

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