Saturday, June 22, 2013

East side harrison

Leaving for Harrison lake and my back wheel starts speed whobbling and next thing i know i am doing improv flat tracker impressions at 80kmh. KEEP THE FRONT WHEEL ROLLING! Flat rear and No irons, pump, tube, glue....we had patches though. I hollered at LT cause he lurks out there and knows the spots. He hooked us up with Kirky and we got scooped up and got irons and a tube and co2 blasters.

My flat was caused by broken spokes in my rear wheel which were removed. I did a 40 minute tire change and though i didn't beat the tire change record set by LT of 30 minutes, but its still a  respectable trail time.

Spots were trashed, people dont know that plastic burns. burn that shit


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