Friday, December 31, 2010

ashleys ashcroft doodfest

We had many breakdowns and many good times. we left vancouver rolling deep but Andrew broke down right away and went home to get his broke ass enduro. we rode to boston bar and met up with a bunch more dudes in 4X4s and raged at a tucked away camp spot. We watch jeanpaul master a chainsaw in flipflops and board shorts, cutting down two live trees (both just above where my hammock was tied) and we ended up burning all of it. We set up the pentigon and danimal and tystick fought it out ending with a hurt danimal. the next morning andrew tried to just the fire pit and face planted in the dirt. we river rafted and rode to ashcroft where we camped on a riverbed and got naked in a 100 year old tunnel. we came we saw we tripped ballz!----JBONER

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