Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunshine coast warm up.....

We headed for the sunshine coast a week before the DISASTER DAYZ party we are hosting at TLs "Freedom Ranch". The plan was to enduro the shit out the vast terrain the coast offers, and prepare the site a bit for the party. My enduro was going great until i overshot a downhill left and got highsided into a ditch leading with my stupid face. Got my hands up and punched myself in the snozer. A couple of stiches at the ER in Sechelt. (thanks Doc), and a steak dinner at Gilligans pub, and Mitchi heads home early to see a plastic surgeon at VGH. Chicks dig scars and FM rides dirtier than ever. Mitch-hootie

Ps. Check out the new DICE mag, motorpycho insert with me, Gus, and the 42 Knucklehead chop. Thanks Norm


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