Friday, August 10, 2012


Lisa and I took a ride up to Lund last week. We made a stop at this amazing fish and chips place in Roberts Creek. When you hit roberts creek and you are on the hiway, you come to the main stop light for the creek, take a right there and go up the road to the top of the hill 1km or so, place is called Sharkey's. It's a guys garage converted into a fish and chips shack, the best fish and chips I have had ever! We also made a stop in Powell River and stayed the night in the historic hotel in old town. We headed back to the main drag in Powell River, and rode up the hill at the last set of lights in town. We had been given some directions to an Indian food spot at the top of the hill. We pulled in and the place seemed to be closed, we walked in and most of the lights were off and the Indian family that owned this fine establishment were all sitting down to dinner. They seated us and were super nice, and made us some amazing dishes. If you are heading to Powell River any time soon, I sugest a stop for some Indian food!! (amazing) Took a quick rip up to Lund the second day, the road has been re paved and was very nice, except the last 1km or so. They are still working on that section and it was muddy and sloppy, but still fun. Had some coffee and got a bite and hit the road back down through Powell River to the ferrie. The stretch of road after you dock in Edgemont is very fun, nice corners and if your first off you get the road all to your self. We swam in the lakes on the way up, and on the way down just rode and took it easy. Made it to the ferrie in Langdale and had a nice sunset heading over second narrows on the way home.
 Sharkey's fish and chips.
 Motorcycho time.
 Edgmont swim spot, so nice!
 To Powell River.

 Old town hotel
 Indian food spot.

Lund. TL

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