Saturday, October 6, 2012

18 holy rollers

Holy shit this was a fucking huge ass roll. 5 left friday for a late dinner at the sasquach, followed by a crazy downpour all the way up east harrison to clear creek hotsprings. Met up with Turbo and his buddy with the the pistol grip 12g. Soaked it up real large in the tub. The lead 5 took it chill in the am, and made it to the planned bridge meetup 15 minutes after noon. "Lets wait a bit, have a beer."lil Ty, you hear that, sounds like a XT........Keddy and Trev first up the lake, fuck yeah. We now roll the Nahatlatch with 15 large. One flat and a broken pump slows the roll a bit. i took a nap, woke up did a quick tube change and we rollin again. Awesome terrain and surprising remote feeling, down into Boston bar. steak nuggets, gas and beer. we pick up a couple more staglers coming up the canyon. Our possee is like a kilometer long at this point up to the log cabin. We split up, some ride the old road into ashcroft and the rest enjoy pizza and beer. It is dark by the time we roll into ashcroft, and meet up with the rest of the gang at the pub. Big smiles and dirt faced men, " lets hit the slough, and light up the journey to T-Heaven. The old tunnel wasnt quite the same without boner getting naked but fireworks light up any trip. Sunday morning some rolled home back down the canyon and the posse heads to lil wat and onto bridge river, up to carpenter, through another tunnel and onto the high line towards pemberton past beau an samo's highline property and an easy run home down the sea to sky. We took our turns in the ditch this year, only one to punch themselves in the nose. We survived another enduro..................FM to T-Heaven. mitchi

 PS. High Noon Scramble october 28th, mandatory costumes......evil shall come the victor. Scraper T

Lets hit the dunes as much as possible in the next two weeks and pound in another epic course.

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