Thursday, November 15, 2012


On one of my first Xt Camping trips last year, a whack load of us ended smack dab in what most vintage xt500 enthusiasts call "t heaven" Spences Bridge and the Slough. Many chose the bottle that night and many choose various greens and Veggies. In the evening with the moon full and fresh beers in hand, we ventured on a cross country hike that led all over train tracks and bridges, even towards the raging riverbed. It was here a dead fish washed up freshly dead from a heart attack, induced by my epileptic wheelies probably. We stared long and hard at the fish until Ashley Mitchel ran straight at it babbling under his breath and smiling maniacally! As soon as he rushed for the fish we freaked out scrambling backwards away from the water bed and this crazy fish weilding man, he turned to me and I took his picture the flash blinding him long enough for Beau and I to scramble for the safety of our base camp They can't kill us all with dead fish! -skinny

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  1. that was a rad trip, remember taking that runaway lane hill climb on the duffy? siick