Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I bought this van about 7 years ago. I owned it for about 1 month. It blew up on me while driving in downtown Vancouver. It coasted to the curb with green blood marking the pavement in a nice line from time of leak to time of total failure. I was lucky enough to coast into a 2 hour parking spot, in Vancouver this is a hard thing to just have happen to you in a time of crisis. My van was filled with old shit of mine from my parents house. A huge printer that was broken, snowboards, clothing, just stuff. I left the van and went home to re group. I figured I should deal with this shit tonight, so I headed back out with a room mates truck to gather my belongings and make the next day not as shit. It's ten p.m. at this point and I have my room mates truck backed up to my van, and I am throwing all my shit into the back of his truck. I must of looked like a sketchy shit bag, because some shit head called the cops on me and they thought they had me up shit creek. I had put the shitty printer on a bench near my van, for a crack head. The pigs thought this was very odd how I would be junking a printer from the 70's that was broken...they were trying to run the serial numbers on the printer to see if it was stolen. Asking me about my van, who's truck, who's clothing, why the late night move. It fucking sucked! The printer was not stolen, I had to explain that it was just a shit printer and I'm tossing it on city property. The next morning I scraped my van for 400 bucks, but I made sure to leave that fucking printer back on that bench in the morning. TL

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