Monday, May 13, 2013

May Long roll!

Working on a long weekend roll to Ross lake May 17 after work with acouple people for night one.

Day two looking to explore some new areas around there, maybe do some fishing and work back 
toward Hope for beer and food. Lil Ty and some cats will be heading out of Vancouver saturday at around 5 and will be meeting us up near boston bar and across the river. Thinking we camp out there for night two working towards Lillooet.
From there we have plenty of options for days three of either the highline or hurley or even a quick hotsprings dip and camp for sunday night and roll back monday.



If you want to leave friday after work holler at bone and if you leaving saturday holler at Lil TY! if you can't roll all weekend then come just for a day and a night and  LETS PARTY

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