Thursday, May 23, 2013

May long not long enough

Another super fun filthmode psychadelic mind melt occurred this past long weekend! Seeing that bone, curt, beau, matt and myself were in attendance it was an "official roll!" Johnny, cory, and shawn(sean?) made it an even 8. Damn! I thought it was going to be sort of mellow... It went like this, j bone and johnny left on friday to go camp out on ross lake, bones bike got possessed and decided it wanted to stay in hope for the night. Beau grabbed some tools and headed out to meet the boys somewhere in hope the next morning with shawn and matt black. Wam bam they be back in action! I have no idea what nonsense they got up to before me curt and cory arrived but we 3 rolled down a walking path towards the Alexandra bridge only to be greeted by a bunch of branch wielding Dirt dogs jumping out of the bush trying to scare me. We set up shop in the bushes behind the bridge and spent the rest of the night having a couple laughs and a few brewski's. in the morning we split up. Beau, matt and shawn headed back to the city. Jesse, curt, cory, johnny and myself headed to boston bar for a little breakfast before our adventure along the west side of the fraser. This west side route was a new leg of dirt that we hadnt rode yet and it went as far as lilloette. What a rad trail. Cory had a stock T tank, he ran out of gas about 2/3rds of the way to lilloette johnny brought a jerry and kindly shared it with him. Trail price in gas is at an all time high at about $3 per litre. We finally hit pavement after riding for about 5 hrs on this westside trail. And rolled into lilloette for a quick dinner and a few cold ones. Bellies full of beef dip and deepfry, we headed towards the highline where we setup camp for the night. In the morning we rolled through seton portage through some super dusty roads. Cory's bike was giving him a hard time. Turns out all that dust collected on his all ready dirty air filter and was choking his bike to death. We cleaned it with some gasoline and it was business as usual. Headed through d'arcy and back down the sea to sky hwy. my ass was chapped then we hit may long traffic! Rode the shoulder for a few kilometers then made it home in time for dinner!! Damn that was a long write up


Alexandra Bridge

Beau is super stoked!

Don't let Curt ride your bike

Filthmode has 2 modes, on and more on

Johnny Wakeham

2 Steeds

Good old Trout

Hair and Dirt

chill zone


  1. Sick dick as usual. Like the bridge photos. The side shot of trout, is a tear jerker. TL

  2. YA LILTYTY! always a good time rolling with the brown trout