Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Motorcycle Friends

Not much blog action as of late, we have all been working on our motto....."DIRT FIRST".....although lots of our memers have been hitting the pavement as of late, thus breaking our club motto "THOSE WHO RIDE DECIDE".......and we did decide .......dirt should be our main vain. More big changes going on in the circle of filth....i think we have changed out club name to FILTH MODE MOTORCYCLE FRIENDS FOREVER. So again that is FMMFF. (take note)

Hey Norm, check my screen saver, samsung fliper model, up for a sapce phone.

I got this gem at the Monroe swap, fixed the pull cord, then said fuck it and drove her to the dump on Marine, gave her a nice big toss, the guy at the dump said...."gas in that thing"? I said yep and drove off. One mans gem another mans poop.
Im coming to the shitty tomorrow, hastings session?


  1. the bone would love to session hastings with Ty dog. lost all my phone numbers so someone hook up the bone with the rabbits number so we can sk8 hard

  2. Man Ty's legs got real nasty from weed whacking with that thing in shorts and also lost a window in his truck from it.

    E.T. Bone Home