Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Long road home for potts.......

All east coasters must one day travel home, some by car, plane or other........
or in our case: the RUSTORATION of a 1968 Electric Glide Touring edition in COP black and white.

Chris left for halifax on monday morning at 6:30am  as I was heading to N.V. for another boring ass construction job. I wish him a "god speed black empirer" and he was on his way via I90 through america. 6200km one way, and he is trying to do it in 5 days....................Fuck i wish i was rolling: Mitchi.

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  1. Chris just sent me a text, 36 hours of riding, in a dudes garage, base gasket is leaking, fixing it, i love drinking beer, Detroit tomorrow maby.......go pots go....ride safe TL