Monday, August 22, 2011


This is a ride from squamish to the top of the Indian arm. I woke up the day of the ride to find out some dick stole my gas cap. i thought i wouldn't be able to roll but thanks to tory's tinfoil ball wrapped around a breather tube stuffed in there i was good to go!

beau up a creek

and across another creek

just passing through

my bike felt so soft in the back end, i kept asking people if they were bottoming out and realized i was riding on one rear shock, nothing a little tie wire can't fix

This stuff was so slippery

vvvvvrroooooom with a view......get it?

and he saved the beer! 

i'm not going to lie, most of us really struggled on this obstacle

poppa filthy almost made it up with no help. 

sneak attack!

finding the line

reagsy post headdive!

reagen planing 

got excited after we fixed my shock

tory battling the lake monster

willy blasting at the river crossing to steep hill climb

photos by LT


  1. more pics at:

  2. Keddie nice flicks, LT nice photos, loved all the photos, looked so epic!TL

  3. Good times! Great photos LT and Keddie. that was a tough ride! BONE

  4. tough and fun as hell , i put up a couple more on my blogger, i would be into doing a campout up there

  5. Will be heading back to recover D's db in a couple weeks probably with an ATV. I want the rest of that abandoned IT175!... gonna upgrade the little MX175 I got for my gf.

  6. The photo of Beau jumping Mitchy is unreal, also props to Darren on the naked beer in hand slide!!

    Made it to Halifax, stoked on my life right now and my bike. Sad I missed going deep though.