Sunday, November 20, 2011

" Cold and Wet" a FMMF classic

Zap ties to rescue again.....
Count it as a club "ROLL",  Potts, torie, mitchi, Tizzle and XT virgin Brett take a scenic trail ride at eagle ridge, highline : snow, mud, iced puddles, donut madness...............3 Xts insured that morning. Cold as it gets on the Barnett hwy. Hands on the motor. Classic lepore: brand new Skate Highs.  Potts says to me before the ride" ty is gonna help me tighten up my wheels and true them", A new record Six broken spokes. Clown bike front wheel. We did 45kms /hr while he manhandled the roughrider all the way back to Pats Pub. Season ender Bender on Pender a total blast, Hot box sauna, thanks ...Mitchi

We finally collected $10 fine from the infamous J-Bone, his bike literally had to die to stop him from our snowenduro.


  1. bone got his piston and valves back today. back up and running just in time for winter.