Wednesday, November 2, 2011


The meeting went well, no real yelling, progress was made, we are thinking a "wet & cold roll" could be fun, or shitty...more to come. Also last sat night Osama took a hit from militants around the walldorf, any information fourthcomming would help.
Halloween was baby fest on East Pender, Osama bought a crate of fire power and we all had a blast.
Side note* who snatched the triumph 500 on craigslist for $850 bones, i called and missed! Just wondering, Side note #2* Myk you buy that pan in Langley last week, was so curious what that bike looked like. Hope you snatched it, sounded like a good deal.

Jihad for Life...


  1. always wanted to organize a 'frozen snot' ride... twin shocks only, no windshields, cruise to some coffee joints....

  2. Yes i got the pan !! it is beautiful.