Sunday, November 6, 2011

The infamous Potts garbage truck

I have picked up a few shots of Chris Potties 68 shovel from the far reaches of the internerds blogosphere. From brooklyn to cali, the people love this bike and the kids story. We are all still waiting for potts to publish a post of his two month cross country adventure. Tyler and I are headed down LA in december to check out mooneyes and Chopperfest, and then rescue the shovelhead and haul it back. Anyone interested in joining us for some fun in the sun???

There is talk of our last enduro roll: Its either "Cold and Wet" overnight at a cabin or a day ride with motorcycho Norm? called "frozen snot".......The weekend of Nov.21 sounds good, two weeks notice for all the dads out i hear day permits? Lets make this happen boys, season never ends in the great white north....Mitchi

ps. check out finally out of the dark ages; best painter and awesome guy
pps. Vicious cycles are playing Thursday at fortune on pender, i am blocks away if anyone wants to crash in my spare bedroom?

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