Thursday, April 19, 2012

Tyler to the power of 2.

T squared is world domination. These Tylers created these two wild styles bikes at the same time, only miles apart and having never met until Born Free 2 at Long Beach. Lepore and i took the executive jet, while a crew of canadians pounded down the I-5.  WOW, that sportys got BC plates dude? Blasting us both. Cool bike, cool guy.......

Fucking awesome sporty and a radical trumper; both bikes have: pipes to die for, killer girders, wacky pull backs and Myk Rock paint. These two tylers stole the show at the NFmc parking lot party.

Ps. thanks NFmc for hospitality and the "worst bike" award....68 garbage truck wins again
----------Mitchi the queen bear

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  1. Ty, thanks for the beer!! Glad we could grab your bike on the way home and help you out. See you around. TL