Thursday, April 19, 2012

FM season opener; May 5......

I heard the pounding thumper of a WFO XT 500 off in the distance, Potts and i are wall panelling and putting some finishing touches on the "T"-Unit workshop. He stops the saw for a second, and a orange dessert tanked Reganasaurus Rex stops by with his new case savers hes made, <get one or pay the price>
But I can still hear the original thumping echoe getting closer..............Brockzilla- "season opener?"
There are now the two Orangest Ts in the hood, parked right out front of T-Unit. What a sight, Mitchi is fucking stoked..............
The freshman crop is rolling hard, and looking damn good doing it.
Trail ready, packed up and party time..........May 5.....  \
Tell those baby moms, "dirt first " baby
 Lunch at the Sasquach, followed by a liesure tour of Chehalis and Harrison Lakes and finish off with a relaxing dip in the SLOQUET hot springs. Warm those little coco and campfire stories will ensue
 ----Mitchi , announcing the "First Blood"