Friday, April 6, 2012


Have been working on my front end for the last few days, maby a week now. Had to buy all new bushings and seals from British Bend Over. The lowers I turned down on the lathe, had sat for so long with rust water inside of them that the lower part of the leg was a smaller ID then the top. I had to make all these shitty hone tools by welding on 1/4 in rod to a bunch of flap wheels and wire wheels that I got from KMS. They look realy stupid but did did the job. I started to notice where the tabs on the fork lowers has been welded on was were the bushings would hang up. The bushings would fit the top of the fork leg fine and then just hit a wall. The lower legs were so effected by rust that they had penetrated the legs more where the welds were, so after honing for a long long time,  I got all that rust out and had it to where the bushing was smothe up and down. Getting the old fork seals out of the fork cups was fun, I had to go at it with a center punch until the seal was just mashed to hell, still would not move. I had to cut the edge of the seal with a dremel tool to break the seal casing and then heat it up and booya it came out. All the tubes and lowers I had were so miss matched, that some had different dampening cones in the bottom, bushings seazed, tons of rust. I have been hunched over the parts washer for a week. But made some progress yesterday. 7 over tubes cleaned and assembled, with shaved lowers and new seals and bushings ready for chrome. And another set of stock tubes, to chrome lowers, I left all the tabs on, new bushings, seals, and clean as as a whissle. I had to make that fork tool as well for un-screwing the sleeve that threads on to your lower legs. Any how, more photos to come..We had a meeting on Monday, was sweet, yelling, shots, weeds, and someone brought a baby!
Rolls to come, party time, camping, easy style! T



  1. Proud of ya son!!! [blaine circa 1995) .... nice job t slice !!! No shit talking bullshit wanna be bike builder who just because he put rings in a motor is now billy lame".... Real deal tyler Nice job !!!!!

    1. Thanks man! I have to say I did not know Triumph front ends at all before this project. I can now say I am close to expert status.I should have the 7 over front end together by tomorrow, I have had to make so many fucking parts. The stock front end I finished today, with mcm covers looks fucking gooood so stoked to get one together. Thanks for the kind words, keeps me taking photos and posting shit. T

  2. You look like an Ewok in this pic.A very talented and kind hearted Ewok.

  3. i feel like the flirt is eye fucking me with his scabies right through the net