Sunday, July 17, 2011


I was looking at old photos on my computer and came across this photo of my Triumph. Me and Will were working on these pipes for about a week or more. We used all these old shitty pipes from various machines, all were covered in old chrome, and had vast amounts of rust inside. Every time i ride my bike now, where the mufflers meet the pipes. When my motor warms up, my pipes start to sweat rust water. Some of the pipes we used were old double walled honda pipes, and the amount of water trapped in those bad boys is insane. I have been riding my bike all summer and when my pipes get hot, they sweat this really nice brown rust water all over me my rear wheel and my seat. It's turning my white rabbit fur brown. Next time I'm buying one of those pipe kits, so i don't go out and spend a shit load on chrome and watch my pipes piss brown water on me. TL

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