Sunday, July 3, 2011


I had a blast at Born Free, i did want to ride that Knuckle home....maby next year. I was gone for 16 days of camping and riding bikes. I really had a good time just meeting new people. Spoke to some rad peeps from the mid west, met a great German, 2 dudes in Big Sur Cali that played us some great harp and some slide guitar, met a cool dude in weed California, checked out the Long Beach swap....insane! Looked at bikes till my eye's bled. The best bikes i have ever seen, amazing paint, fabrication, really inspiring builds, good classic styles, and some way far out shit that just ruled! I took a good hand full of photos. I wish more of my friends could of made this trip, sunny California is where it's at!
My triumph won best "British bike" which is totally fucked, because i saw bikes at this show that would make you go blind they has so much chrome on them. I was like no shit, the guy giving out the awards was like" it's wild, orange seat, a nose on it?!" You could tell, he was like what the fuck am i reading.  I would like to send a big thanks to all my friends who helped me put my bike together, without you dudes, my bike would have never been as fucked up as it is!  More photos to come xo T.L.

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  1. great post ty, looks like a killer time for sure! if i can make it across the border next year i'll be there!--bone