Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I saw this bike last year at Born Free, it had a BC plate and i had no idea who's bike it was. I thought it looked alot like my triumph, same cream color tank and frame, king and queen, girder. The bike was fucking amazing. Found out later that the guy who built this sweet machine, is named Tyler and is bro's with all the Heathen guys. I couldn't find a photo of his entire bike, but you get the idea with these 2 photos, Myk did the paint. Tyler your bike destroys.....Tyler.


  1. Owen did an amazing job on TYs bike and Myks paint is amazing...the syringes on the tank are my favourite..Ive got a bunch of photos from last summer on my shlog somewhere
    hey congrats on the BF3 award by the way!

  2. I did not know that Owen worked on Tyler's bike. I love this bike, it has such a good stance, high pipes, all the right shit. Thanks, BF3 was really crazy. Cool show and nice to come home with a trophy! Looking forward to Disaster Days...